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    Cataclysm and procs

    I was thinking about taking one (or more) of my neglected alts, dropping a gathering profession and power-leveling a crafting profession. My question to all is, since I have all crafting professions at least single covered, what professions make the most sense to have on multiple characters?

    Currently, I think, the most lucrative would be a transmute spec Alchemist. The extra daily gem transmute alone would pay for the power-leveling cost by the time Cataclysm rolls around. Going forward into Cataclysm, I think this is also a solid choice as there will new and improved transmutes cooldowns that I would love to be doing more than once a day.

    A second solid choice appears to be tailoring. While there isn't a lot of benefit to having a second tailor right now, it could be very valuable to have a second toon able to utilize the Dreamweave cooldowns.

    Aside from those two, I'm hard-pressed to see any serious benefit to multiples of other profs, either now or in Cataclysm. Thoughts?

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    Alchemy is the only profession worth having more than one of now really since they removed the CD on spec cloths and Titansteel.
    Not too sure about Cataclysm however.

    I know people who have 10 characters and all of them have Trans Alchemy and another profession.
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    I haven't used my cloth transforms for a long time, I assume you still get double benefit out of being spec'd. So, I could get double cloth out of those (assuming it still works). I think a tailor might be a very good money maker with the new cooldowns in Cataclysm.

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    Agree with the others. Before I read the posts, I had my answer, which is the same as everyone else. Alchemy and Tailoring because of the cooldowns are the top choices. An engineer if you want goblin and gnome specs, but that's not really required as the specialization items are low iLvl and I think they are removing specialties in Cata.

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    (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong) I know you said neglected alts, but keep in mind that gathering professions tend to make a killing at the start of an expansion. Might be worth it to hang on to it for awhile! If you know for certain you would never gather/level this toon for awhile after xpac, then I agree with the alchemy as well.

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    Due to limited playtime, I do very little farming. I will be keeping at least one of each gathering profession so I can get hard-to-find items, if needed.



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