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    How do I make gold with Inscription

    So now that I'm very comfortable in the Jewelcrafting market I have decided to starting learning a new market. I leveled my Inscription up to 600 (BTW my character is only level 80). Now I'm sort of lost. I know the DMF cards/trinkets sell but I have no idea how to go about that. I've also sold a few gylphs here and there but not as much as I'd like. Just any help would be appreciated to help get me off my feet.


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    The DMF cards are probably the most profitable inscription crafts at the moment (your mileage may vary of course). You'll need a friendly level 90 character to turn the cards into decks but the cards themselves are still pretty profitable.

    Good items to craft are the BoE shoulder inscriptions and Certificate of Ownership. Possibly a few off-hand items for transmog, but they're slow sellers. The epic staves can sell well but at the moment the cards are a better use of your daily Scroll of Wisdom.

    Think very, very long and hard before entering the glyph market.

    Someone who knows more will be along shortly.

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    Actually ive found the glyph market pretty easy to get into. I just transfered servers(to high pop) and simply by posting several times a day and liberal use of tsm ive been bringing in about 3k perday. You just need some bank for your startup herbs.

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    In terms of the DMC market, if you don't want to make cards yourself, just make sure to do your daily cooldown. Then just sell the scroll in trade chat. There will likely be buyers for it. They give you X gold + 10 . You make the card and trade back to them. Easy gold. On my server, you can sell the scroll for 700g to 1000g still.

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