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    Alternative Mop Shuffle

    My Alternative MOP Shuffle
    My maths relates to the fact that each stack of ghost iron ore will give 6 uncommon gems and 1 rare gemís
    Meaning after 6 stacks you may have 1 of rare gem and 36 uncommon gems(6 of each uncommon).

    The 3 items being sold from this shuffle

    1. Rare Red Gems Cut
    2. Metaís Cut
    3. Ethereal Shardís

    Like any successful shuffle this will require xmute master, enchanter and jewel crafter at max level.

    The Main Reason I chose this method was the fact that I find messing around with the lower tier gems for example the Yellow and Blue isnít worth the relisting time and is in most cases more profitable as Ethereal Shardís.

    The one downside to this shuffle is the requirement of excess serpentís eye but these are pretty cheap staying at around 3g a piece on my realm.

    How I do it:
    After Prospecting there are 3 basic trails you need to follow;

    1. Cut Red Gems into popular profitable cuts or sell raw
    2. Send Purple, Green and Orange Rare gems of to an xmute, then cut the primal diamondís into popular cuts and sell or sell raw (Burning, Agile, Austere, Reverberating and Revitalizing)
    3. Turn the rare and uncommon gems into serpentís eye jewellery, then send to enchanter to disenchant this will give your enchant either lots of ethereal shardís for making scrolls or for selling raw on Ah.
      1. Sunís Radiance can be crafted into a piece of jewellery using 2
      2. Riverís Heart can also be crafted into jewellery using 2
      3. Rougestone, sunstone, Pandarian Garnet and Tiger Opal can be turned into jewellery using 6 each.

    * This leaves us with 12 uncommon gems being unused you can either vendor these or try get extra profit off these by cutting for perfects

    Profit Potential
    * This will be based around making a primal diamond after 12 stacks on average

    After 12 stacks being prospected you may have 2 of all rares and 6 of all uncommons
    This gives you;

    • One Primal Diamond
    • 2 Red Gems for Cutting
    • 12 Ethereal Shardís
    • 12 leftover uncommon gems which I regard as ďuselessĒ

    But this will require;

    • 72 serpents eyes

    Doing some maths based on a rough estimate of prices of ore and gems atm on Blackrock US Horde,
    Costs = 12x30(price per stack) + 72x3(price per serpentís eyes)
    Money returned 500g for Primal, 12x 65g for Ethereal shardís and 90g for Red Cuts
    Profit = 794g/12 stacks
    Profit Per Stack= 78g (a little under 2x what was invested)

    *note this does account for procs and bountiful bag procs which should lead to an extra shard and meta per 10 resulting in an extra 50g more per 10 stacks from Primal Diamond and 65g extra per 10 stacks from ethereal shards,

    Some of you may be thinking that due to closing the market into only 3 items it will limit your production potential yet on my high pop server listing 4 times a day I should be able to move at least 100 stacks worth if excess dream shards are converted into mysterious essence (and sha crystal) which reduces profit by 15g but allows for more stock to be moved quicker, but for 100 stacks you will need around 600 serpentís eyes(a major downside)

    Conclusion This Method may work well on high pop servers due to the high supply of prospectorís and a lot of serpentís eyes floating around and a high demand for ethereal shards, but the majority of realms may struggle moving mass quantities.

    Sorry my technical skills arenít very good and I couldnít supply you with a spread sheet or wowhead links. It is something I just quickly threw together itís still in planning and would like some feedback from the community, I donít fully understand the numbers behind prospecting, transmuting or bountiful bags so correct me if I am wrong. I do understand the fact that getting this many serpentís eyes may be difficult but if you have lots of prospectors on your realm if you spam in trade you should be able to get a steady supply from jcís who donít like to sell their eyeís at 3g a piece.

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    Red gems sell for a (relative) pittance on my server. You're lucky to get more than 150g for one of the primary stat cuts. Sparkling blue gems and Fractured yellows are worth about as much. The real money is in the purple and orange gems (Purified, Crafty etc can sell for 400g or more) so I'd be hesitant to turn them all into metas. Some of the green cuts aren't bad either. Of course, the decidion to cut the hybrid gems rather than transmute them into metas is made a bit easier for me due to my JC still being level 85 and only having two unpopular meta cuts.

    I'd imagine the prices for red gems, above, look pretty good by the standards of a high pop realm, but their balanced by the fact that ore is frequently 75g+ per stack.

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    I disagree with "12 leftover uncommon gems which I regard as “useless”"

    Perfect cuts sell very well on my server, keep cutting Reckless, Vivid, PvP power gems (stormy i think), agility for purple, red for intelligence, etc...
    Just keep cutting those uncommons till you have lots of perfects.

    Also look cross faction , you will be amazed at the price differences.

    Blue jewelery sells nicely too, I have all my 85s decked out in blue jewelery.

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    Yeah im not sure about other realm's but i can get ore at around 30-40g and primordial rubies are at about 40g cut, 100g for imperial amethyst cut,150g for Vermilion Onyx Cut, 130g for Wild Jade Cut, River's Heart 30g, Sun's Radiance 40g

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    As a goblin you create your market, the prices should be where you want them to be, not to high, not to low.

    Balance the perfect cuts vs the rare cuts, if there are to many others posting, like the people who cancel and repost with addons without using their head to much, just trap them, people selldom think, just going for the "must be lowest and undercut cuz my addon say so".

    If you dont have enough gold to do this, then there are mot likely one or 2 goblins on your JC market, be very nice to them, ask them for help and make a deal, you never undercut them, they will most likely do the same, work together with those you cannot beat.
    Get inside info when they going to make a market reset of all cuts, learn their pattern when they do the resets, take advantage of their resets and so on.

    1 quick buck today might be tempting but 1000 bucks tomorrow are always more
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