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    Cataclysm How to earn lots of gold with Jewelcrafting?

    Hello, I'm Kryptiiq, and I'm new on this forum. Sorry if the title is misleading... Didn't know any other title

    Anyway, I recently started leveling Jewelcrafting, I'm currently at lv 340.
    And I've heard that some people earned like, MILLIONS with Jewelcrafting, well millions... Maybe like 500k, I don't know.
    So my question to you guys is, how can you earn alot with Jewelcrafting? Do you have to '' shuffle ''? That won't be such a huge problem for me, since i farm most of the day. Or is there another way? Please let me know!
    My current proffesions are Mining and Jewelcrafting

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    Primer: Shuffling for Newbies (replace all Cata names with MoP items)

    A good idea is switching Mining to Enchanting and getting Alchemy on another alt. Shuffling is a required thing to play the Jewelcrafting market.

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    Hmm, well I currently only have 1 lv 90...
    Is it still possible to make money with just Mining and Jewelcrafting?
    I don't have enough money to level 2 more proffs haha

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    I mean, do I need AND enchanting AND alchemy? Or is just enchanting fine too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryptiiq View Post
    Hmm, well I currently only have 1 lv 90...
    Is it still possible to make money with just Mining and Jewelcrafting?
    I don't have enough money to level 2 more proffs haha
    Level 80s are enough for lvl600 professions. If you don't have any other lvl 80+ alts I would recommend levelling these, extra alts can open up so many extra markets, which will greatly increase the amount of gold you can make per day.
    Enchanting is slightly better than Alchemy. Enchanting allows you to DE uncommon gems (after crafting 384 jewelry) and craft Enchanting Scrolls with the materials you get from the disenchanting. Alchemy on the other hand allows you to transmute 6 rare gems to a Meta gem. These are very profitable when cut.
    If you don't have the gold to level many profession I would suggest farmining a nest egg. Farm untill you get atleast 50k gold, this should allow you to properly enter markets.

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    At the moment, you need to concentrate on maxing your JC out. There is no point in this discussion until you do. Then, yes, to be successful in your shuffle you should have an enchanter and an alchemist. Unfortunately, you will be playing catch up as many of the JC's on your server, ie your competition have been discovering recipes for at least a month now and will have many cuts above you for straight out selling. Everything you need to know is in the guides that were posted by Mithrildar. Study them and you will be on your way, a word of caution though, you aren't going to make like "MILLIONS" or even 500k without a lot of patience, a lot of luck and A LOT OF TIME - even then, its all dependent on your server and you.
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    Alright, well then I'll first level Enchanting to lv 600 same with JC and see how that goes, if Alchemy is REALLY nessecary I'll level that one up too

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    no you don't NEED it, but it's very helpful. You can make plenty of money with just mining and JC, just don't do any of the further steps in those guides..

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    Yeah, but I'll do ANYTHING to maximise my income!
    I'll just keep focusing on JC and Enchanting at first, I can just disenchant the stuff i JC'd to level up Enchanting, my enchanting is 300 atm and i only spent like 200g

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    You're getting good advice here, but I'd like to add in a vote for leatherworking. Once you have your nest egg built up, and if you have another class you're going to take to 90 I highly suggest you look into it.

    With 5 classes to sell armor sets to, and it's reputation for being worthless (less competition) it's a goldmine. I'm making more gold off those contender sets than anything else right now.



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