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    Eternal Belt Buckles, Saronite Armor/Weapons and Follow Up to Combining with Alchemy

    If you have Blacksmithing and with the current prices of Saronite on most servers, you have absolutely NO excuse not to be using your profession to make gold with minimal effort.

    I myself currently go through around 2000 Saronite Ore a week at the moment, I buy out at 12-13g atm so even if I overstock the risk is minimal as any ore bought for less than 12g50 a stack can be smelted and vendored for a profit.

    There are several items that you should be selling and the main item that you're going to want to focus upon is - Eternal Belt Buckle's. I sell these faster than I can craft them... at 50g each. Work out if they're profitable on your server, they usually will be and pick up the mats when they are below market whenever possible so your profits will be larger.

    Also, the Savage, Ornate and other Saronite Sets are massively profitable at the moment I have found. People picking up gear for alts trying to get to 80 before Cataclysm seem to be buying these a lot on my server. However remember to follow the market on your server to see if it is worth crafting them. Also include the Saronite Weapons, Shield and as mentioned in a previous post. Combine with Alchemy and sell Titanium Rods, Plating, Weapon Chains and Shield Spikes and you'll be making a TON of gold from Blacksmithing.

    PS: Remember to check the cost of making Enchanting Rods to the Sale Price on your server as often making rods and having a few listed is a nice trickle of income with a low time input.
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    Don't forget that you can make a fair amount on the early cobalt gear as well the mat cost is small less than 10 bars. and can sell for 50g a piece. Only problem with these is a lot of people use them to level blacksmith so sometimes the market gets flooded.

    The Defender shield sells very well as an early tank shield. Also don't forget that if Cobalt is bought cheaply enough the Notched cobalt waraxes can be disenchanted into Greater Eternal Essences.

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