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    Transmute Mop gems

    I transmuted 10 primordial rubies yesterday for the hell of it. Of the 10, I proc'd 5 times. Now i realize the sample size is very small and i may have just been very lucky, but has anyone else been brave enough to xmute anything? Golden lotus is roughly 300g per on my server. I can sell red gems for 250-400. So if the indeed the proc % has been increased from previous expacs. It could turn profitable. Just curious to see if anyone else has any xmute data.

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    I transmuted around a dozen while levelling my alchemists--you got lucky, I might have gotten one or two procs. Can't imagine the transmute proc rate is any different for gems than any other item, and certainly trillium and living steel don't proc more than past expansions.

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    That's why I'm thinking in changing one of my transmute masters to flask masters to see if I can get more money with flasks then with Trillium and Living Steel.
    Is this a good idea?

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    @furyz0r, it really depends on your flask and herb market.

    Is Golden Lotus significantly cheaper, than flasks?

    Also, it'd help to know the ups and downs of Golden Lotus prices. Today, I've found 100s of it for 230g, while yesterday it was up for 350g and there wasn't much of it. Of course, flask prices had dropped to 235g already.

    To be honest, I'm not sure, what will tomorrow bring us. Will lotus get cheaper and more plentiful or will we be able to sell flasks for 350-400g? We'll see.

    As usual, it's about buying cheaper, selling higher and not participating, when people post at craft cost (though that's 15-20% profit there at this rate, but I find it unacceptable for the effort).

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    Trillium Bar @ 95g
    Living Still @ 700g
    Golden Lotus @ 120g
    Flasks @ 250g to 300g

    It's starting to making me mad because I'm getting almost no money out of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furyz0r View Post
    Trillium Bar @ 95g
    Living Still @ 700g
    Golden Lotus @ 120g
    Flasks @ 250g to 300g

    It's starting to making me mad because I'm getting almost no money out of this.
    Ore and herb prices continue to go down on my server. As long as those prices keep going down due to the HUGE supply out in the world, profession items will continue to tank. If Blizzard doesn't reduce the spawn soon, I can't see myself doing much jewelcrafting in the near future, as it will become a minimum wage job.

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    And people are stupid as derp.
    Botters mostly, because they are selling stacks of ore and herbs at 10g or 20g undercut from auctions that already are selling at 50g each.



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