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    What is the most profitable profession in the world... of warcraft?

    Hello everyone,

    Now I'm sure that the *real* answer to this would be "it depends": it depends on your server, what niche you can fill, what point in a certain expansion you are at, and maybe even just what day of the week it is.

    But just as a fun exercise, what do you think are the most profitable professions, and why? Top 3 would be good, or even just all of them in order or something, I'm really curious to hear a variety of expert gold-makers' opinions

    (for instance, I know from the "like a boss" thread that Reverb thinks #1 is enchanting, and the reason is that the mats are gated in a way that makes old mats relevant, etc)

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    In some order, jewelcrafting, enchanting, and inscription. Possibly inscription as #1, if you're willing to give yourself totally to it.

    But yeah, 'it depends'.
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    I would agree with @Cerinbank.

    The single most profitable prof would likely be inscription if you totally optimized it and had every glyph learned. We're talking the use of all scribe bags, not cancelling your auctions, having a stack of each glyph ready to post, swapping bags from the bank to get more glyphs... the whole shibang... and all done in no more than 20 minutes just for posting.

    As for milling, your operations would have to be setup according as well to, again, accommodate for inventory space.

    It can be done, just takes the know how to optimize it.

    But for those who don't like to deal with the optimization and crafting times, your best is the golden trio- JC, enchanting, and xmute.
    Again, takes some good optimization to get the most out of it.

    Enchanting, alone, can be done in a way to rake in a lot of coin. It takes some setting up to grab the mats off of the AH at x% price, craft the scrolls, then mark them up and list for y% of mat price.
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    I think it depends on how you look at profit, you probably would make the most amount of gold out of Inscription as @Cerinbank said and @TimB expanded but you pay a high cost in time and need to have a good server, scribes need to first off spend months learning all the glyph's then once learned spend a lot of time making sure there glyph's are the ones bought. For the people out there that think there time is free then you might as well say mining/herbs/skinning is the most profitable since with that mindset everything you sell is 100% profit (not my opinion by the way)

    Jewel crafting would be tied with enchanting as next highest earners but Jewel crafting takes a bit more time also since you have to do daily's to build up your cuts, the more cuts you have the more profitable it gets

    Enchanting out of the three takes the least amount of time the max skill enchants can be bought cheaply enough and all together (no barrier) plus DE'ing and making a stock of enchants is relatively quick your profits will be close to the two above and it doesn't take as much babysitting as inscription does (imo). the only real time concern is picking up old patterns either from the AH or running old cont. but at least you can start straight away selling all the quick selling top end enchants

    My vote goes Enchanting>Jewelcrafting>Inscription

    off-topic ....@TimB where's the old pony gone!! did look different before didn't it or am i just going mad ?

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    I suspect the value of inscription in the global ranks is inflated due to the inflation inflicted by scribes, explicitly.

    i.e. if the prices on an individual realm were put at levels that provide a good liquidity, at that particular realm inscription may not be ranked as high.

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    That question is really tricky to answer. Because professions have synergy. If you were limited to only 1 professions, and made some fully automated intelligent simulation to maximize profits per day, then most likely gathering professions would come out on top. Blacksmithing is a great standalone prof as well, made a killing with it over the course of a whole expansion. Inscription as a standalone professions is like others said gonna take a ton of your time, and is really server dependant. But if you take synergy into account that it's obviosuly alchemy/enchanting/jc.

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    Hey Elboro Here

    I Believe that THE ABSOLUTE best way to GO is ENCHANTING, JEWLERCRAFTING, Back in WOTLK days When i had no gold i was able to MAKE heaps and ive SEEN a bigger increase in my selling with Cata, Gem's are MASS selling everyday and same with enchanting, if you get new GEAR you chant it and GEM it straight away. But in saying this there is allot om Comp Out there So i sell my MATTS as Raw.. so someone else can Fight with the chanters and cut gem market.

    Also i Prospect 1000stacks of elementium ore at a time to cut and sell it would take all my TIME and i work basically full time.

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    I would probably lean towards inscription, since it's the one profession that really doesn't require synergy with others for maximum efficiency.

    Enchanting would probably be at the top of the rest of the heap for me, because of the way that it expands upon most of the other professions.
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    I'd say JC, prospecting ore is fantastically profitable, shuffle or no. Almost all gems (read, not ) can be cut or sold raw for more then 5 ore (the amount it took to prospect that gem). And even then zephyrite can be turned into shadowspirits which ever class will need at some point. Inscription has a finite market, and enchanting can be hugely profitable but relies heavily on server mat prices.

    People often over look the fact that you can prospect lower level ore (see ) and sell those gems for a large profit to levelers
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