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    Borean Leather your way to Profit

    Since I scared Sykes off her LW thread....sowwy...I figured I might as well add some detail on the profit potential of this profession (say it three times fast, I dare ya).

    The LW niche is in its selection of mail/leather gear, melee-oriented leg kits, drum buffs, and specialized bags. Of course, there's the conversion trick as well.

    Some of what I tell you will be tried and true ways to earn, some will be from my personal observation. As a disclaimer, take my observations with a grain of salt, your experience WILL vary.


    There is a wide selection of gear to make, and there is generally a very solid markup when you sell. The gear to focus on will range from solid end-game type pieces to just hit level cap pieces, and even some intro pvp pieces. Blizz has done a solid job offering us ways to remain profitable by updating our offerings when new tiers of PvE are released and, rumor has it, they will be extending this courtesy for PvP pieces in Cataclysm - so keep your eyes out!

    Personal observation: If you're using addons like Lil Sparky's Workshop to determine what to make, I will advise caution though. Some items are just rough to sell. I personally found physical-oriented mail pieces the most reliable. Why you ask? 2 classes will want them: enhance shaman and hunters. Most of the other items you craft are catered to 1 class and, thus, have smaller markets.

    not as great!

    Leg Armor

    Every serious player will need one of our Leg Armor kits.

    - melee
    - tanks
    - pvp

    I've never made but calianna seems to do alright with them.

    Personal observation: Leg kits are the bread-and-butter of my LW sells. Always sell, and with solid profits.

    Drum Buffs

    LW drums cover for the missing pally or druid and were implemented thanks to Blizzard's "bring the player, not the class" credo.

    Personal observation: There's still an on-going debate on whether there will be a spike in 10-man raids once Cataclysm launches but, if it does, expect these (or the new equivalents) to be in higher demand.


    We can make various bags as well! Quivers/Inscription/Leatherworking/Mining

    Personal Observation: The only one I was ever actually to make money from:

    Conversion trick

    Most high level LW'ers needs mounds and mounds of and/or .

    Did you know that buying and converting the regular into those finished mats can save you a ton of money?

    But, how do you know when to buy which?

    Let's say Arctic Furs are going for 50g. Heavy Borean Leather are selling for 6g and Borean Leather is selling for 60s each (12g/stack).

    It takes (6) Borean Leather to make (1) Heavy Borean Leather. You can trade in (10) Heavy Borean Leather for (1) Arctic Fur from the LW vendor in Dalaran. That means it takes (60) Borean Leather to make (1) Arctic Fur.

    Arctic Fur - 50g
    Heavy Borean Leather @ 6g/ea. (x10) = 60g
    Borean Leather @ 60s/ea. (x60) = 36g

    Sure, it takes time to convert the leather, but that's what afk breaks are for! Doing this "trick" will earn you big bucks over the long haul.

    Best of luck with your LW endeavors!
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    Nice, Time to dust off that leatherworker

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    I want to stress that for this topic, timing is everything. I've been working in this market for a while and market fluctuation means that this is a great way to make gold if you buy and sell at the right time.

    Generally, Arctic fur prices peak around wednesday on my server, often going for around 90g per. However, saturday and sunday they can get down to 45-50 gold. This will be different for your server, of course, but if you watch you should see patterns. On the weekends, Borean Leather always seems to be cheaper as well. Buy on the weekends, convert, and then wait a couple days to sell.

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    ****, never saw this when I made the LW thread I did. Apologies :<
    I used to run a blog called Just Another Goblin

    I quit for 7 months, now I'm back. Hi...

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    Np Sykes, your post is meant to be more comprehensive than my little trick.

    And solid point Val, as with everything AH related, timing and knowing your price thresholds are key.



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