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Thread: Opinions wanted

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    Opinions wanted

    I am going to take my druid to 85 first. He is my Inscription toon and has JC really only for the benifits of the dragon eye gems. As a tank the extra 21 stam was really nice.

    Now, I do not know if I should drop something to pick up herbalism or if I should just wait out the initial price inflation. In Wrath, I had herbalism till I got into raiding more and then dropped it. I don't have any toons that actually gather anything since I do all my farming on the Auction House.

    My second to 80 will be my rogue. He also had herbalism at one point but he went engi to cash in on the iceblade arrow market.

    If I want to make a move I should do it soon so I am not leveling herbalism when I could be leveling to 85, not to mention missing out on herbs along the way.

    So, should I drop:
    Second JC
    Only Engi

    I just am not 100% sure.

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    If you have 2 JC's already drop one of those and level herbalism.... I don't know if I would drop a fully leveled engineering though. Someone will come along with more insight for you.

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    I think I would drop the 2nd JC as well. Part of this comes down to how you balance your goals. If your primary goal is making money, then diversity of professions is the key. The only time it makes sense to have professions doubled up is to maximize cooldowns. The JC cooldown isn't terribly profitable, while the cooldowns for tailoring and alchemy in Cataclysm are probably going to be the most profitable initially. On the other hand, if your goal is to make your characters as strong as possible, all of that goes out the window and it comes down to the flavor of the week, your playstyle and many other factors. Ideally, you can strike a balance between those two.

    All this considered, with the professions you have listed, I would actually go with mining over herbalism as it feeds two of your other professions (JC and Eng) while herbalism just supports the Inscription.

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    Yeah, tough call there. I doubt anyone can give you an answer with something you don't already know, but here's what I've been doing.

    Since I've been playing alts these days (got my banker to 80 and finally working on a DK now). Both of these toons took gathering. I play horde, so banker went herbalism (speculating many goblin players will take alchemy) and DK went herbalism/mining.

    After I level to 85, I plan on dropping gathering on all my toons except for my DK, and my shaman who has skinning. Those two will be my only gatherers. If you don't generally farm though, it may not be worth your time to go through the hassle. Completely up to you though!

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    My main JC is also a miner. He is also a Prot warrior so the Mining buff was worth keeping. Thank for the input so far. I am leaning towards keeping both JC, just due to the bonus. As the GM and main tank it helps to have extra buffs, if you will.

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    Choosing which profession to drop and pickup can become a very difficult decision to make.

    However the general rule of thumb when it comes to gold making is never to drop a profession. If you drop a profession you just wasted on average 4,000-5,000 gold worth of mats and plenty more worth of time. The second rule is if you really do need another profession, then level a new character for that profession instead.
    In terms of having 2 JC'ers, that isn't always a bad thing. Almost all professions nowdays have certain cooldowns (be it transmute cooldowns or research cooldowns) and by having more than 1 of a profession, you are usually able to gain access to more recipes or items to make than the average person with only 1 profession. So having as many professions at hand as possible will always end up being more beneficial than dropping a profession and spending time or gold to relevel a new profession.

    Personally I don't enjoy leveling a profession as I level unless it is necessary for me to make gold. I work quicker if I can ONLY focus on leveling and then ONLY focus on leveling the profession. Instead of getting into the right frame of mind for questing only to be distracted by "Oh! A shiny ore node and oh look another and another, oh and there again - wait now I'm on the other side of the map."
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    I am under the impression that all the level 81+ herbs will be dropping the same pigment.

    So In theory you should be able to farm them at level 78

    Are you over looking leveling a dk 18 levels before the xpac for the sole purpose of mining and herbing...

    Better to level another toon then to drop a profession ...

    Whats the cost to level Profession X? How will inflation impact this cost?

    Making gold by crafting will be neigh impossible except for the high end boe's for at least the first 3 months.

    Ore and herbs will be outrageously priced hundred - hundred and half a stack. The first few days you could net four or five times that. The same population that pays one thousand gold for a Pristine Black Diamond is the same crew looking to have the realm first 85 XXX. Know your demograpic

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    You could always try leveling another character to 80 before the expansion. Its pretty fast right now especially if you have the full set of heirloom items. Not only can you make some gold along the way, but then you don't have to get rid of any profession. Currently I am leveling a Paladin (for crusader) specifically for that purpose.

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    Although farming materials is going to be big business at the start of the expansion i wouldn't personally drop a crafting profession simply to gain a gathering profession to farm mats while i leveled up.
    Yes it's a short term gain but long term it a loss of gold, time and effort.

    With it being JC your looking to dump especially, as i wouldn't dump a profession i only had once, you have to look at the fact that with 2 JC's you can gain patterns twice as fast, which mean twice as many cuts, twice as many sales and twice as much profit (simplistically). And JC will be a big earner in the expansion, long after prices fall for herbalism.

    Plus you will have 2 times the new icy prism for even more profit.

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    Drop Inscription and pick up Engineering, Blacksmithing, or Enchanting (even Tailoring or Leatherworking). That's if you are serious about raiding. Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Inscription are gold making professions, not raiding professions.

    The shoulder enchants are meh, because there will be reputation that will provide something almost as good and most tanks weren't bothering with the scribe enchant because the PvP enchant became superior. A buddy of mine told me he's sticking with Alchemy because he has to buy fewer flasks and there's the upcoming mount. If I was his GM I'd replace him because I'd question if they really knew wtf they were doing. Mining you could argue is good for tanking, except when I need you to go DPS.

    Roll another character to be your farmer (if you need a farmer) or Scribe/Flask maker. This is all dependant on how serious you are about raiding.