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    [Glyph of Mage Armor]

    Anyone investing in this glyph because of non beeing able to make it?

    When i noticed the situation with this glyph i payed 100G each for 3, and resold then within hours on the AH for 300G each. Well mayby 300G was a bit to low then. yesterday there was 8 on the AH at avg. 250G, and i took them all out.

    Im trying to sell at 700G on one faction and 1.500G on the other - no sale.. (have been the only seller)

    Anyone have some experience in trading this after 4.0, and do you think it's a bug or will the crafterbility be permanently done.

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    I'm sure its a bug. I've bought up at least 30 of these since I first read about it, although finding they're not shifting too well. Looking to sell them between 250 and 400 each, having failed to get any bites over this mark.
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    While this glyph is a very popular glyph it seems that most people caught onto this 'bug' and therefore it's rarety very late and were selling them at normal prices. It's only been the last 2 days that i have seen the market for these go over 200g and thus most people have already bought them at a reasonable price during the big rush.
    It is worth trying to charge a large amount for them as we have nothing really to lose but if you do you should expect them to be very slow sellers unless blizzard take a long time to reinstate the pattern.
    I would be wary of trying to flip them unless you catch them for at least under 100g as they will eventually fix it and once they do prices for these will fall rapidly and you can esily find yourself massively out of pocket.



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