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    Obtained Six Tab Bank Full of Ink - Best Route?

    Hey. Basically, my income to this point has revolved around engineering pets, flipping epics (Especially VP BoEs), and the ore shuffle. But one of my main competitors in the Enchanting market contacted me with an interesting proposal, that I couldn't help but bite on, as it seemed to be an excellent investment and chance to diversify.

    He's getting out of some of his more time consuming markets, as he is newly wed, and the wife disapproves of camping the AH for some reason. Can't imagine why, really. But he offered me a six tab bank packed full (literally packed, every slot with a stack of ink) of Blackfallow and Inferno ink. 5 tabs (98x5x20=9800) full of Blackfallow Ink, and 1 tab full of Inferno Ink (98x20=1960).

    So I'm the new owner of 9800 Blackfallow Ink, 1960 Inferno Ink, and six precious bank tabs, for the cost of 80k gold.

    I've tinkered a little bit with selling Mysterious Fortune Cards, and I can sell 50-100 a day pretty reliably at 9g per. That sets a long term value of the Blackfallow alone at over 80k at a minimum, but I'd like to actually put the ink to work in a more profitable manner. The problem? I'm a complete and total novice to glyphs.

    I haven't been doing discoveries, and I have zero books of glyph mastery learned. I do have a 525 scribe, simply because I had a free profession slot, and hey, shoulder enchant. But it's my least used profession.

    I'm comfortable using the Auctioning module of TSM, but I have zero experience using addons to help me craft. What is my best route to take in this situation? Start the process of crafting all the trainer learned glyphs while slowly doing discoveries and snatching Glyph Books under 500g? What is my optimal means of efficiently crafting? I can do it manually just going down my learned glyphs, but somehow I don't think that's terribly efficient.

    I have two toons I can dedicate to selling glyphs if need be, but not the three that I usually see recommended. Is it wise to simply optimize glyph selling on one toon, or with the breadth of stockpile i have at my disposal, should I ensure I post all possible glyphs?

    I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed in regard to the glyph market, and I'm well aware it's a tricky one to get into without experience. Any thoughts or links that can help would be greatly appreciated.

    The inferno ink, I have a better idea of what I'm doing with it. I'll set aside a chunk to make the PvP relics when they are updated in 4.3, and turn the rest into decks. I have a healthy stash of lifes on hand as it is to feed my alchemist army.

    All in all, I should easily be able to double my investment in this bank, and gain a foothold in a new market going forwards. Plus, hey. Six more bank tabs!

    Just a little unsure of how to proceed.

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    You'd best check out Stede's awesome guide on how to handle your glyph stuff:

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    You need to learn the glyphs if you dont know them atm. They are learned via Book of Glyph Mastery, Northrend glyph research and Minor Glyph research.

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    As Odegon said learn your glyphs now, if you only have trainer learnt to work with you will very quickly learn that they sell for very little as every one who is leveling will be posting them and the very few that do sell (maybe 2-5) will fluctuate in price very severly.

    Good idea with your inferno ink, ive got a few set aside for the same reason, however you may find after the initial rush for the pvp items sales may slow down to a few items per week. If you are going to get into the glyph market then you will be making alot of inferno ink as a byproduct of your glyph making. Try to find multiple ways of moving the ink for example; DMF cards/decks/trinkets or finding a scribe to trade them for more BFI. Also have a look at the price of Inferno ink on your server as ive found that to be a very nice way of offsetting the price of herbs.



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