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    It was the Night Before Glyph-mas...

    Kudos to Bigjimm, Marcko and Basil for coining that name on Call to Auction 19.

    I was caught off-guard that 4.0.1 was going live today. Came in late to the glyph gold rush but was working on knowing what glyph changes are come 4.0.1 and what are becoming Charred Glyph [item lang=cata][/item].

    So what did you do the night before Glyph-mas? I sniped a bunch of 10g Warth herbs from the AH and converted them into ink while having dinner. Then its sitting down to making a wide variety of glyphs for all classes; primes, majors and minors, while making sure I did not make glyphs that will became [#item lang=cata][/item] today. Then back to AH and buy up all the 3g and less glyphs and bid on the onces with less than 12 hour left just as server was going offline.

    What was your Inscription night? Share your story.

    Let's see what presents 4.0.1 bring us!
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    48 hour posts at midnight server ( 2 hours before the servers went down) - Since I was going to be at work until 6pm, but now the servers are pushed back 4 hours. I had predicted 3 hours extra maintenance time. Yay, less competition for me while I am logged off.

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    My pre-patch Inscription story was pretty "busy". I play from Iraq over satellite. 900-1500ms lag is good for us. We had one guy on our TDMA mesh do the background down-loader. It just finished just before the servers went down.

    Anyway on to Glyphmas. I decided to make Glyphs. I made 20 of every glyph and then I stockpiled about 200 stacks of IotS. Since our location is questionable for connection and latency-bugged during patches I decided to do a 48-hour batch post of every glyph at 60g BO. I had about an hour after that so I went and bought every glyph on the AH cheaper than 15g...about 3,000 of those buggers! I stashed them and then I deleted all my mods. I was not able to get back on for another 30 hours or so. When I logged in I had over 20k in my mail box. I was soooo excited. I have earned 108k since I logged in on Wednesday from Inscription alone. I am now selling Glyph of Mage Armor for 250g. To my luck I had 88 of them from my buyout spree! [wink] ~Crusard

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    I know this is a long-out-of-date thread but vanity forces me to to clarify that ~I~ was the one that coined the phrase when I wrote "T'was the Night Before Glyphmas."

    My ego is satisfied. I'll move along now.
    Author of "T'was the Night Before Glyphmas" Yes...~I~ came up with the name "Glyphmas".

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