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What to do with other gems?

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    What to do with other gems?

    Since the price went down on uncut green gems, I am at a bit stuck in what to do with them.

    At the moment, I make Carn spikes to DE, AH the Jasper and Zaph on quest days, but no idea what to do with the Ali, Hess and Night. They are sitting at 2g each on the AH at the moment.

    Any ideas?

    PS I save enough so I can make Fire Prism each day.

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    I craft the respective jewelry from jaspers, alicites and hessonites and route the excess dust to embersilk bags. Hessonite rings are good atm, since the blue rings prospect into Heavenly Shard and the green rings have a chance to give a GCE every now and then, so it is worth doing it. If I have excess enchanting mats and some Ember Topaz cuts have spiked, I transmute the hessonites to Ember Topaz, cut and sell. Nightstones I transmute and keep some around for quest days, since they spike a lot - more than the other 2. I vendor zephyrites. I also pick up cheap carnelians whenever they are up and make shadowspirit diamonds every now and then.

    I can do this since even though the prices on green gems have dropped, prices of enchanting mats have stayed largely the same on our server. You should check your ah before making any decisions.

    To deal with the huge amounts of jewelry, I have a disenchanting setup that I picked up from Gevlon's blog. First I have a macro that goes as follows:
    /cast disenchant
    /use 1
    /use 2
    /use 16

    What it does - it disenchants all the items in your first bag (backpack). So I have set it up in a way that I have 4 enchanting bags and clean backpack. I take out the items from mail, they can only go in the backpack. Then when I de, the mats are automatically sorted in the enchanting bags. Works very well. You can do it with normal bags as well, but you have to be extra careful to not have anything in your backpack apart from things you want to disenchant, as it is easy to lose the important things otherwise. If you have non-disenchantable items in your backpack that you can't put anywhere else, put them in the bottom slots, as the macro starts from top left slot and works it's way forward.
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    If you don't have quite as many DE only bags (or any), you can use this macro that does a smart DE of all green jewelry:

    /cast Disenchant
    /use item:52306
    /use item:52307
    /use item:52308
    /use item:52309
    /use item:52492
    Will only nab the green rings, and leaves the blues. Helpful if you craft and then DE at the same time. You can add in other items by either /use <itemname> or /use item:<itemid>, such as wizardweave turbans, enchanted thorium blades, etc.

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    I have the opposite problem: processing the uncommon gems into dusts and essences works out fantastically for me. But I can never keep enough Inferno Rubies in stock and the other colors of rare gems are completely overstocked. I vendored a stack of Zen Dream Emeralds yesterday because I accidentally crafted two stacks and was tired of looking at them, mocking my mistake.
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    I usually transmute Hessonite and Carnelian into rare gems. The rest, I turn into jewelry and DE. I turn what I DEed into scrolls which sell well above material cost. Bags are also a good tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chyllyphylly View Post
    Since the price went down on uncut green gems, I am at a bit stuck in what to do with them.

    At the moment, I make Carn spikes to DE, AH the Jasper and Zaph on quest days, but no idea what to do with the Ali, Hess and Night. They are sitting at 2g each on the AH at the moment.

    Any ideas?

    PS I save enough so I can make Fire Prism each day.
    Yeah - unless you're stockpiling Fire Prisms in hopes of being able to loot epic gems from them later (which is also a bad idea, because I'm pretty certain loot tables are generated when an item is created) - stop making them. Craft jewelry with everything but Zephyrite (sell these raw or, just vendor them), and then DE it and sell the dust & essence. I usually transmute all my carnelians, as well as about 1/3rd of my hessonite.

    hayam's macro should look like:
    /cast disenchant
    /use item:53471

    You can check out some of my old blog posts for more info:
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    Maybe I just have really good server prices but I *never* vendor nightstone. It's the most commonly used gem to lvl jcing with, plus its place as a daily. I always list it in stacks of 3, though sometimes the same person buys them all. They come back maybe 25% of the time. I list them for btw 20-30g each, which covers about half of my ore stacks. US Alliance Market Price on TUJ is 23g. In the last 30 days I've sold 354, at an average price of 45g. Holy crap, I didn't realize it was that high. Um. WTB More ore. Your prices may vary but the sales should be consistent across the board.

    Then I say the same as everyone else - gems, items to DE.

    If you don't have an enchanter ATM a) get one and b) check the enchanting market for who is selling the most scrolls. Then approach them about selling them consistent items to DE. Of course, I tend to do like 2-5k ore at a time. If your take is smaller, throw the items in a (bank alt) guild bank for when your enchanter is leveled.

    You can also AH the blues. My AH generally has heavenly shards and blues at close to the same price. Blues actually seem to be a little higher - but YMMV

    edited to add: You don't have to be lvl 85 to be an enchanter, there's no questing involved. So get your toon to 75 and DE, DE, DE til your fingers fall off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottiegazelle View Post
    So get your toon to 75 and DE, DE, DE til your fingers fall off.
    lol I DE like theres no tomorrow.... all the JC stuff and then log onto my BS and make a mountain of

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    I've been making Shadowspirits because I can't keep them in stock.
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    I've been doing the same thing as mugsley. Shadowspirits can fetch 150-200g on my server atm and i can bearly keep them on the shelves. I always keep a stack of 3 of each daily gem in stock for myself, and any leftovers i make into the respective jewelry. Anytime i end up with more then 1-2 stacks of zephyrite i cut and vendor, but they've actually been selling pretty decent on AH lately.
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