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    Cooking for Profit

    There are several items that can be cooked rather cheaply and sold for very good profits.

    You have the Nettlefish which are often available cheap (i see them for around 50silver or so) that when turned into Poached nettlefish net 1-1.5g apiece and have no other mat components.

    The same can be said of Grilled skulpin from the skulpins, Banked manta ray from the manta rays. Altho the really big profit to be made is selling either the Blackened dragonfins or the Dragonfin Filets. Northern spices are now sub 1g and the fish can be farmed or bought for 2g or so each, so you're looking at 3g investment. I frequently sell both of these for 8g a fish in stacks of 5. I also have lesser success with Firecracker Salmon. I'd try these out while you can. and try and apply these practices to the foods come Cataclysm!

    Love Acadia

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    Cooking is indeed a great moneymaker, it has been a great market for me in wotlk. The best selling item for me have been the ArP food Hearty Rhino - been buying the mats for 30g/stack lately, and selling for 100g/stack.

    Too bad arp will be removed come patch 4.0.1

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    I knew ArP was getting removed from gear and a lot of passive abilities. Is the food definitely going away?

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    If i had to guess they will give it another Stat or in some way make it still a viable recipie.

    Love Acadia

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    Cooking has been a good money maker since Vanilla. The key to making money in cooking is knowing the application of the food. If your server has several hardcore/serious progression raiding guilds in your faction, then your target market is defined.

    I know that within my guild if you were a hunter or rogue, you were bringing Agility food, DKs were Strength, DPS Warriors were ArP until they hit cap. If haste food got you to the haste cap, you used that. Fish feasts were only for farm content and most of the raiders were so competitive that they refused to use feasts even in Naxx pugs when ICC was relevant. For some reason hardcores tend to share a common trait - they refuse to learn cooking or fishing. Go figure. I think it's because many don't log in except to raid and nothing more, at least that's what I've seen.

    The best time to post shares the same time as haste pots and flasks. Learn the server's raid schedule and post en mass on those nights. It always blows my mind when I see the top rogues on the server gobbling up my Agility foods about 15-30 minutes before raid starts.

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    Dragonfin filet has always been huge for me, it's just a pity that you can almost never buy raw dragon fin on my server that's not outrageously priced, you have to fish it yourself which is not difficult, just time consuming.



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