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    Enchanting or jewelcrafting

    Hey guys since i got so many answers last time i made a post i decided to make a new thread and i hope the question isnt too stupid so what would you guys recommend for a new gold maker enchanting or jewelcrafting ty for answering my little stupid question

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    What about both? If that isn't an option, it can depend. Jewelcrafting will require you to do a daily quest for a little while, to get the tokens to buy the gem cuts. Enchanting will require you to get Heavenly Shards and Maelstrom Crystals to buy the Enchanting formulas. So if gold isn't a real problem, then you could buy up Heavenly Shards & Maelstrom Crystals to get the enchants, but that can get pricey too, with the recent price jump of shards.

    If you don't have a miner, it can be a decent chunk of change to level Jewelcrafting, but the same can be said about Enchanting, unless you farm up the greens to DE and get mats (but that could take awhile).

    I utilize enchanting quite a bit and make a decent amount of gold from this profession alone. I do have Jewelcrafting as well, but haven't done as much shuffling lately due to prices of ore on my server being a bit high. I have been utilizing Alchemy to do gem transmutes, then cutting those to sell instead. But if you don't have an Alchemist, that won't be an option for you (unless you want to hire an Alchemist to do the transmutes for you, or a guild member could help on that).

    I also find that Enchanting has a bit more utility over Jewelcrafting, because you can still sell enchants from all expansions. Jewelcrafting tailors mostly to the current expansion, other than a few things from previous expansions (i.e. Cardinal Ruby cuts still sell decently). I personally enjoy playing around with Enchanting more, but that is just a personal preference. I'm sure there are some people who would say the opposite.

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    Both would be ideal, but if you can reallly only have one then it comes down to how much time you are willing to invest into processing. With enchanting you can bring your goods to market much faster than you can with Jewelcrafting, as with Jewelcrafting you pretty much have to shuffle to have good margins and maintain your supply. Also Drrwho, I still sell rare WotLK cuts (epic ones too). Supply is much easier and I sell more volume of the rare cuts as more people are up for spending 30-180g on a rare cut vs. 80-400g on an epic cut.

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    Ty for answering both of you and yes im limited to only one of these two professions since i havent Got my dk to level 75 but i wait until some more have told me what they think
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    Both would be ideal, but if you're limited to one for now, JC will be best for your main. You won't be able to do the Daily quest where you kill elementals, so you'll be missing out on a few tokens that way. You can then pick up enchanting for your DK once it hits 75. Although you won't be able to get the top-end Cata enchants at 75 (need to be at least 84 to get to Twilight Highlands for the Enchanted Elementium Rod recipe), some of the lower end Cata enchants sell well, as do Wrath enchants. You could also look in to specializing in BoA and Twink enchants. Shouldn't be an issue for a 75 DK to get the recipes. Also look in to putting Alchemy on any 75+ toons you have with a spare prof slot. It'll complement JC nicely, and you don't need to be max level to max it out.
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    As both are top flight professions i would look at how each are doing on the AH atm to see is one is in the pan for example which can override any other gold making based decision you may make on which to take.

    Ignoring that fact i would probably lean towards enchanting as it fits with most other crafting professions as you may level them up, it allows you to dust your own gear as you upgrade for extra bonus materials, allows your dust the numerous green items you pick up at all levels while going about your business on all your characters and your market base is slightly broader as you can gain access to many enchants that lower levels like.i.e. twink/heirloom enchants.

    Taking into account the lower level market that also brings another advantage in that you can usually make a nice profit overall while leveling your profession although it may take some time to sell all the scrolls you make so you have no gating blocking your path to profit as you do with JC one you reach the point of being able to make a profit.



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