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    How much do you make Per day with.......

    Hey just wondering how much do you guys make per day with inscription
    Ty for answering my little question if you choose to answer
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    I'd say roughly 6-7k/day (over the last 10 days)

    Only selling glyphs, and -very- rarely dust/MFCs

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    I've made about 100k so far this week.
    Selling mostly MFCs, a couple stacks of dust and a few hundred glyphs.


    I'd say that the reason for this income is that:
    1. I'm the only seller of the MFC cards on a fairly big server.
    2. I've had whispers from tons of people that think they are rare drops from the Zul Amani frogs, and therefor thinks that this is something new and exciting.
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    Inscription is quite a cut-throat market these days - and at the moment I only deal with glyphs so will only talk about that. It really depends on how much competition you have and how often they cancel/repost, how often you cancel/repost and how much inscription research you all have done.

    I know if I restock fully and sit and baby sit the market for most of the day I can make about 6,000g-7,000g worth of sales (most people will tell you that 4-5k is how much they make) but in reality we are only making 4,000g-6,000g when you subtract costs.

    On certain patch days / major in-game-change days, people have been known to make over 100,000g of sales.

    You should at least be making 700g profit (so anywhere from 1000g upwards worth of sales) a day if you repost 2-3 times a day and have a fairly decent supply of stock with glyphs alone.

    (ding 666 post count lol)
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    Back when I used to just repost once per day and sell inferno inks to cover the cost of a stack of whiptails, I was making about 2k per day. It easily could have been more, but there were few people farming Whiptail so it was hard to do anything else besides keeping a stock of glyphs.

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    When I'm not slacking and repost three times a day I get between 5000g and 11.000g in the mail from glyphs. On a bad day, 3000g. On shitty day, 1000g. The 10k+ is on a really good day but it's awesome when it happens three to four days in a row. Oh and I only do glyphs with Inscription currently.

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    These days i am slacking off from inscription and post only once every 1-2 days usually. I usually make 1-1.5k with a posting cycle so i would say around 1k a day these days.
    This is propped up by card sales which are sporadic and i don't track them intimately but i would say they added around 500g a day averaged out throughout a monthly cycle.

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    Thank you so much for answering you are awesome

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    I've had a 50k day. I've had more than one 20k+ day. Most days are around 2-3k. DMF cards & decks, MFCs, Fortune Cookies, and Glyphs.
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    All in all I move 40-60k a week of inscription items. I think I "make" 2-3k a day.
    Glyphs make up about half, I post 3 times a day. Profit margins are low, most glyphs sell for 20-30g ea.
    Fortune Cards/Cookies - 10-90% profits. Some days it gets crashed to near ink cost
    Inks/certificates/dusts - 100-300% profitability
    Armor items - 60% profits



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