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    Nightstone and Zephyrite useless after 4.1?

    Well I gather the courage to ask this maybe dump question or maybe not. I've been doing the obsidium shuffle for quite a lot of time , but after 4.1 comes on live I am a bit puzzled.

    As we know the obsidium shuffle still work if we can find the ore on 30g per stack and 27.5 for Elementium, but i got a problem with Nightstone and Zephyrite. The vendor price for the gems which Zephyrite produce is down to 70s per which bring me to the point that even 10 stacks of Zephyrite will produce gems for about not more then 200g. On another hand Nightstone chokers doesn't seem to yield good amount of expencive enchanting mats either.So atm im stuck with 2 full guild bank tabs of Nightstone and Zephyrite and wonder what to do with them. I do use them for my daily ofc but that's only now and then. Don't think it's quite good to be sold on AH as well as on my server they going for something like 5g per.

    The question is : Do you guys actually find something to do with them? Do you craft them and vendor? Keeping them for daily only or there is something else which i missed.

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    Nightstone chokers have a higher valued disenchant table than the jasper ring and alicite pendant. Uncut zephyrite sells for 5g; cut zephyrite sells for 75s.

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    Firstly, if you sell them uncut to the vendor they give 5g so don't cut them if your looking to vendor them. Having said that are you selling the dust produced or making scrolls with it?
    As long as you can sell the dust received for more than it costs to make them then dusting is the way to go. How much higher you set that bar depends on what value you put on your time.i.e. spent dusting them.

    To expand on the scrolls part, if your selling scrolls it is a lot easier to adjust your prices upwards to produce a higher return for the dust gained than simply selling it raw although if selling it raw do not automatically post it at the lowest price. If i am selling off excess materials as i have way too much, usually way too much hypnotic dust compared to celestial essence, then i dump it on the AH at my price with a 48 hour window. Sometimes it all comes back, sometimes it all sells. For the minimal posting costs involved and the amount of dust that travels through the AH you have little to lose by setting your prices higher rather than following the crowd and a decent chance of them selling at the higher price.

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    Pretty server dependant, but i have keeping 2-3 stacks of each of the gems used for dailys to sell in stacks of 3 and singles on days they are needed for the quest. They always sell, and some folks have stopped shuffling which means on those days im selling the gems for 20-45 gold EACH !! Not bad considering stacks of obsidium are in the 30-35g range.

    Other than those 3 stacks i save for that, i craft Rings and necklaces and DE all the other ones. Bountifull Bags works with the Nightstone chokers, and they DE'd often into Lesser Celestials... Again, 1 Greater Celestial goes for 35-45g on my server... Obsidium 30-35g a stack

    The only gem i ever end up with nothing to do with is Zephirites, which as Reverb said should not be cut anymore but instead sold raw.

    Hope this helps
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    Thank you for the answers so far guys, never knew or i just wasn't paying attention maybe that raw Zephyrite selling for 5g at vendor probably will go in that direction. To answer Thefluffyrocker I do have enchanter as well on my gf account at 525 and we try to make some enchants from the mats which i produce from shuffle but competition on my server is pretty big ( speaking of enchanting that is). Guess I will give one more chance to Nightstone chokers and see how it goes.

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    I would simply stop producing, then start pushing the raw gems out on their respective Daily Quest days. It'll take you a while, but you'll never have to restock.

    If you're trying to make room, then go either the jewelry -> DE route or just mass vendor the raws. It depends on if your DE time is worth the extra gold.
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    Yep, all uncut Cata gems (uncommon and rare) sell for 5g each.
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    Depending on your server, metas gems can still sell fairly profitably especially if you have a transmutation master.