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    What do you do with the uncommon pigments/inks?

    I got plenty of uncommon inks , , ...

    Tried to sell them on the AH, but no luck so far... So: what do you inscription-people out there do with the lowlvl uncommon inks?
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    I'm lazy. I set up a mod to auto-vendor them.

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    I use them for example for low-level-Darkmoon Sets (grants Reputation) if i can't sell the inks themselfes. But tbh, most of the time i'm pretty lazy about doing anything with them except for keeping them in my bank.

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    They're part of my Darkmoon Faire rep shuffle.
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    Yep I've been stockpiling them in a guild bank, saving them for when I decide to get off my butt and work on my insane title.
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    I haven't been using old-world herbs lately, as Cata ones have been consistently low, but any excess I have kicking around in my bank I usually convert into off-hands. That said, the really low darkmoon decks don't require as many cards for a full deck, so you might want to check out , and . I can usually sell rogues for about 50g and the other 2 at around 100g. Off-hands I usually sell around 50g. I would say it really depends on HOW MUCH ink you are looking to move.
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    I seem to be doing this a lot lately, but ditto what Kathroman said. The week prior to and the week of the DMF, multiple of Rogues Deck, Swords Deck, Mages Deck, and all the extra loose cards left over from prior DMF and all the new ones from crafting for the upcoming DMF, all sell well.

    What doesn't sell, restack, bank, and sit for another 3 weeks, rinse, repeat.

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    Turn them into cards, decks, relics, and
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    Ok, thank you for your replies. I tried now to turn a big part of it into cards/decks. So I'll see how things are going when next DMF starts



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