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    Lightbulb Mammoth Mining Bags

    Hello all,
    I am curious for those of you who have been selling Mammoth Mining bags, what your plans are for mining bags in 4.2 with suspected new ones coming out.

    My plans are to stocking tons of the mats to craft the new ones and set the prices extremely high from the start (300% markup of mat costs at least) and lower my prices on Mammoths (presently I sell them for 239g on 48g or less mat costs) with 90% of the market share(med pop server with hardly any competition). I'm thinking of keeping the 32 slotters about half the price of the new ones(assuming it's profitable).

    I welcome anyone's thoughts on your plans.


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    Solid strategy. I'll likely do the same.

    It's worth noting, though, that since 4.1, I've not sold nearly as many of these bags as I had before the patch. Expected, but still worth commenting. I need to find some time to grind out Kalu'ak Revered for the LW bag (it's just quests; no daily grinds. I just have no time for more than about 40 mins at a stretch online).

    I'm keeping an eye out for leather, but it has recently bumped up in price. And Pristine Hides nearly doubled overnight, but I see this as a short term bump.
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    Also, with the mat cost for the new bags, the older ones will likely end up in a similar place as NW bags - best price per slot.
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