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    Exhausted market?

    Hi, I'm glad to be here on these forums.

    Recently I tried to make a presence in the inscription market on my server. I crafted 2 of every glyph in existence and (as a try) posted them by undercutting the competition by 1 copper. That didn't work, I got undercut almost immediately.

    As my second attempt, I posted all my glyphs at material cost + 1 gold - and got undercut again immediately.

    My third try was posting every single glyph at way below the material cost and here's what the strange thing happened: nobody did undercut me, nobody bought up all my glyphs, actually, in a full 48 hours during the weekend I only sold 4 of my glyphs! I tried this again during the week, but had similar, very low sales volumes.

    Obviously, making 50g/week from inscription is not profitable enough to continue, so here's the question: what should I do with my existing few hundred glyphs?

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    You could try barking them. Jump in trade with something like, "All glyphs for your class for x gold. Don't bother with the AH, get them all quick and easy."

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    Do you have every Glyph in the game? I understand every server is different but I am missing about 60 glyphs and still making 1.5k a day posting twice a day. I assume if I knew more glyphs I would make more. I am on a full server too.

    I have a window of about 15-30 mins to make these sales and then I am undercut but that is enough for 10-15 glyphs sales.

    I dont bother with any Glyph that sells for less than 50g either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zizzencs View Post
    Obviously, making 50g/week from inscription is not profitable enough to continue, so here's the question: what should I do with my existing few hundred glyphs?
    The only thing you can do with them is sell them. If you are getting out of glyphs, just list them below everyone else until you are sold out. They will all sell eventually. At this point you aren't trying to profit, just recoup some of your losses.

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    As Robbiejuve pointed out, have you done all your minor inscription research, northrend inscription research and learned all the glyphs from ? Those are the glyphs that sell the best because they take time and gold to obtain.

    It could also be that you are just getting caught in the middle of a very bad undercutting war. For example There are three sellers in the market: You, seller-A and seller-B.
    Seller-A and B compete a lot, but A wants to get rid of B so starts walling them out and undercutting all the way down to material cost. You happened to start in the middle of this, so it could be that give it a day or two and things will go back to normal.

    Add the people who are undercutting you to your friends list. Then when you see them log off you know it's the best time for you to go and repost your items and undercut them.
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    As Sin said, get your competitor on your friend's list, but importantly check the level of your main competitor. If he is only level 1 then you know he will only be selling low-level glyphs, then you should perhaps avoid making these glyphs.
    Secondly IMAO as long as the price of glyphs are stable you will make money (provided the price is above you cost)
    because relisting them cost almost nothing apart from bag spaces(not even time, use Trade Skill Master and group the glyphs up with floor price, then you can literally hundreds of them in less than one minute). Thirdly, expand. Inscription is not all about glyphs, there are trinkets, off-hands, cards etc. because the costs of making them are about the same (with exception of high-end trinkets) you can try making these instead. I'm not a big player in glyphs market, but I never make more than 30 glyphs per batch and wait for them to sell at my price.

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    I agree with Vanditor and Sin.. back when I was playing my rogue and inscription was one of my main ways of making gold, it helped to add my biggest competitor to my friends list.. that one happened to have 4-5 other level 1 alts for selling different things and it helped to add them as well just in case.

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    One thing that has really helped me is having a high fallback. I can't imagine anyone competing in glyphs without TSM / QA3 / APM, etc., so if you try and establish the fallback on your server, and push it higher as necessary, you buy yourself more time before the glyphs bottom out. Most of your competition will automatically follow you up there through their addon, so if you watch some of glyphs for an opportunity to reset one by snatching 1 or 2 for cheap, take it. I like Auctionator for that, since it shows you the quantity right there and can buy/cancel in a couple seconds.

    If you aren't making any gold out of it right now, what do you have to lose? Also, seeing which competition doesn't reset to your fallback can also be very informative, but from my experience, once people start seeing some consistent sales for more than they are used to, they will start second-guessing their own fallback.
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    I just want to say that just because someone uses level 1's to post their glyphs doesn't mean they don't have access to all the patterns.

    I'd volunteer that the opposite is more likely because it shows that they're willing to dedicate one or two character slots to the posting process, and probably delete and reroll them periodically to screw with competitor's friends lists.
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    This is a terrible market, get out of it. Especially you people on my server. Listen, it doesn't make money! People undercut straight to the floor, and they farm up their own herbs so they don't have any idea what their true costs are.

    Ok, since you've gotten this far, this market is entirely about patience, stocking the correct inventory, timing your inventory, hitting the sales at the right time of day, day of the week, and time of the month. I normally make several thousand a week off it but I have the market clocked. I'm on one of the largest servers in the world, too. A person that just does the Noah's Ark thing and posts them isn't going to succeed. Additionally, if you didn't invest the three months it takes to get all the glyphs then you're finished before you even started, the trainer and book glyphs are easily the cheapest on the market to acquire because everyone else is making them.