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    shuffle shuffle

    so I had mad success in wrath with shuffling for dust/essence. so much so that i still do the cosmic/ifninite stuff.

    when the botters were out and the uncommons were at 9g a pop to vendor i made .. i don't know 200k jut vendoring stuff. i managed to save a lot of rares, and a ton of carns and i've been sitting on them.

    so 4.1 hits. everyone freaks life is fine i get out of buying ore, vendoring, JCing, all of it i pretty much just sit and wait, post a few celestials, the odd cut rare, a few other odds and ends. strangely i've made another 15k doing nothing. not sure how its worked out but good times.

    So this brings me to where i am currently at, I've begun to cut rares and post them, my major competitors are somewhat friends and i know my 1-2 brilliants a day don't concern them in the least. I post uncommons on the daily and i sit and wait on the rest. I have this mass stock pile that for some reason i don't want to touch just yet. I'm watching the ore market and it seems to have stablized a bit. there are a few farmers putting up a lot. the prices aren't horrible. elementium at 40 and obsidium at 50. I know i can make gold dusting and vendoring and bulk selling the rares cutting a few etc. red, oranges, purples are easy to deal with. yellow.. so so but for now i think i could deal with it. but these damn blue and green gems. they are so useless. yes i can sell the occasional one but not in the volume i need them to go at.
    so i guess what i'm asking is, has anyone found something to do with these? i see the greens can get made into a scope but i don't imagine that sells huge. the price on my server is anywhere from 75g to 400g. the down side is that they again are slow sellers. there was the elementium mobius band but thats a lot of investment for more slow moving sellers. especially now that there are the new instances dropping higher lever gear.
    for blues.. there is nothing. i have a monocle up, it too takes a big investment compared to what i might get for it. if it sells.

    what do i do with these green and blue rares? vendor? something else? i have no idea but there has to be something i can do with these.

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    Gonna keep an eye on this, would be good info for the future for me. I'm looking at ~1g per ore on my server for elementium and obsidium, so I'm still shuffling.

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    sell in excellent volume, even now. If you're just moving inventory, don't worry about price. Conversely, just list the stacks of raws and be done with it.
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    I sell every cut I have, posting 3-4 at a time. Every cut sells for me with varying frequency, so much so that I have to transmute gems to supply myself at good production costs. Wowhead is invaluable for finding new outlets for materials to be used in. Simply search for the material and then look at the reagent for tab. I used this when trying to find cost effective crafts for disenchanting to supply myself for cheaper than the AH. Sadly there wasn't one for large brilliant shards, but I did fond one for everything else.



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