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    Where did all the leather go?

    I bought 30k-35k worth of for 55s-75s/ea (making Savage Leather 3g, Heavy 15g and Hides 150g) when I was skilling my LW back in February. I still have some leather left from this, and haven't been able to buy a sizeable amount since. At most, I've found like 60 Savage Leather at 10g/ea. I fear I'll be running out in time for 4.2 -- ouch! -- unless I manage to find some, and that soon -- if not, no PVP craftables for me.

    I could (and will) adjust my deal-finding price to quite significantly higher (dragonscale/charscale leg armors are ~600g profit for me, so, yeah ... :P), but that won't really help the lack of scraps/leather to purchase.

    Not sure what to do other than to adjust my deal-finding prices and hope something pops up ... Suppose I just want a place to vent about it *sadpandaface*.

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    As for me, I've never seen any large quantities of :S

    I still need to skill from 500-525, but when/if there is leather on the AH, it's at ~14g/ea :S
    Unfortunately I can't farm it myself (yet)
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    I feel you, my server's short supply of Savage Leather and relatively high demand for Leg Armors do not allow me to spend a single leather elsewhere.

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    It is probably much worse this week as people are stocking up since the patch information dropped and there are new recipes.
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    My server has a constant supply of savage leathers at 4g each...should I stockpile or leave it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanditor View Post
    My server has a constant supply of savage leathers at 4g each...should I stockpile or leave it?
    That's a tough question to answer, not knowing what your server's history is on savage leather prices. If it has been that way for quite a while then I'd say it's a safe bet to buy it up at 4g each. It's very possible to see a spike in price come 4.2, due to increased demand because of new PvP gear (needing Heavy Savage Leather) and new crafted epics (needing Pristine Hide).

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    I've noticed a similar shortage - though not so drastic - on my server. In between the increased attacks on bots by Warden, and an apparent recent change to a few mobs' "skin" tables, scraps have become scarcer. I still manage to get quite a few, but where I could get 25k-30k at ~8g/stack, now it's more along the lines of 10-15k at 13g/stack (all from the same guy, I've GOT to get a hold of him) - and this is unlikely to change. So despite higher prices, I still find it profitable to buy them up, sell enough hides to cover my costs, and stockpile the rest.

    Regarding Vanditor's 4g savage leathers: it depends on your pristine hide market. At 4g/leather, your pristine hide is worth 200g. On most servers, they're worth quite a bit more than that, so I'd also say it sounds like a very safe bet. One thing I'd recommend, though, is that - provided you have enough stocking space - you keep your stockpile in the form of heavy savage leathers. You can easily change them to hides, but if leathers also spike in price in the first few days after 4.2, you'll be able to profit on both products, which could be more profitable than just hides (especially if you have a lot to move).
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