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    Max out all Professions at 75! No need for Twilight Highlands.


    In 4.1, Blizzard finally changed it so profession supply vendors in capital cities now sell all the recipies/formulas/patterns that were originally only sold in Twilight Highlands. (And there is no level requirement to buy them).

    Now I can finally learn some good items on my level 80 Blacksmith! Anyone else going to benefit from this change?

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    That's awesome. Thanks for pointing that out I would of never noticed. This will give me some motivation to finish leveling the 70-74's that I've been putting off.

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    Wow was this in the patch notes prior to go live? Damn it I have been painfully levelling my LW and Tailor (seperate toons) to 84 so I could buy the patterns. Thanks so much for this post, going on a spending spree when I get home from work!!!

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    Nooo, more competition >_<

    Thanks for the warning though

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    OH! Is that what that meant? Yes, it was in the patch notes, I just didn't realize that it meant that ALL the patterns would be available outside of TH. That's pretty cool, I have a lvl75 with an open profession slot. I was thinking of lvling tailoring, and now I can do it and get the best spellthreads, patterns,etc. Glad I didn't powerlevel him all the way up to 84 :-P

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    woohoo, now I don't need to level my dk-enchanter. Apparently I had a reason to keep putting it off :-)

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    Yay, now I can be lazy and not have to fly to TH anymore.

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    What about items like ?

    Still need non-gold for those recipes?
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    No more flipping Deathwing scale fragments?

    Wowhead says the other items are TH vendor only though
    Time is money, friend!

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    It doesn't appear that purchasing requirements changed (i.e., still need 1 Dreamcloth to buy Pattern: Illusionary Bag), just where you buy them changed. So yes, still non-gold purchases. I can't speak for the scribe relic parts though, didn't go look. I'm guessing they are still in TH though....



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