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    If you could only have two professions?

    Hey all

    I've never really worried about making gold before, but I feel like trying it out. It sounds fun!
    I only have one high level toon though (a rogue, if it makes a difference), which means I can't have a ton of professions. Is it possble to make a lot of gold with just two? Which ones would you pick?

    I apologize if this has been asked before and thank you for any advice!

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    It's definitely possible to make money with only two professions. I started my adventures in gold making with Skinning / Leatherworking. Pretty lame professions, but I still made money.

    By the way: welcome to community!

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    Enchanting + pretty much anything else. Enchanting has great synergy with almost every other profession. The flexibility of being able to disenchant stuff instead of just vendoring it is priceless for me. It feels like 3 professions in one sometimes. My other votes would be for inscription or jewelcrafting. The item enhancement side of the economy (scrolls, gems, and to a certain degree, glyphs) provide consistent, steady income. Out of those 3, I would have to say that Jewelcrafting and Enchanting probably work best together.
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    Jewelcrafting / Enchanting

    The demand for the wide selection of products, that these two professions produce, refreshes with every new wave of equipment and content.

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    Alchemy(transmutes) and JC provided you can power level both.They both have daily CDs that should give you low risk till you have a greater knowledge of your servers markets.

    If your starting both from scratch i'd go with a gathering profession that complements the crafting one. This should give you a chance to see the markets all the way up to Cata level and spot any niches.

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    I would say JC+Alch. You can take the green gems you get from prospecting and Xmute them into rares and shadospirits to cut.

    That said, if you are leveling both at once, JC+Ench works well, as you get a lot of synergy in the leveling process. Basically, leveling JC involves crafting a bunch of useless crap. If you are leveling enchanting at the same time you can DE that crap and use the mats to level enchanting.

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    This thread tells a clear story, atleast for one of the professions. Every goldmaker have enchanting(53 voters on this forum have it atleast). And on a close second, 49 of 53 have jewelcrafting.

    Since I like statistics, as I suspect many here does, I would go for enchanting + JC
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    I personally prefer Ench and Inscription, though I know JC is very very popular too.
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    First, it is very easy to make money on low level professions as well. For example, tailors can make Runecloth bags or Netherweave bags and make VERY good money.

    That being said, I would also pick JC/Enchanting. I was very late to the JC game (didn't get one set up until ~3.1), but it is my single profession/market I have the greatest experience with and am most comfortable with; which is more important that the goldmaking potential of a profession -- if you don't like it or understand it, you can't squeeze the gold out of the less-obvious areas.

    Aside from JC, Enchanting is very universal and mats are easily attainable. It is also one of the few that can pay itself to level, and one of the few that can transform its own crafts for further profit (i.e. Void Shatter, Abyssal Shatter).
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    My main character has Enchanting + Leatherworking actually. Might be a little more of a weird combo, but I do it more for the raiding bonus aspect, due to getting dual ring enchants and the bracer enhancement from LW. But, I also have several other toons, encompassing the rest of the professions.

    As others have said, I'd honestly say either Enchanting + Jewelcrafting (assuming you could get a source for the ore, as leveling JC without a miner can get pretty expensive) or Enchanting + Inscription (although, again, assuming you have a good source for herbs, as leveling Inscription without a herber can again be pretty expensive).

    If you don't have access to a gatherer, any combination you do will potentially cost a decent bit. But one way to save yourself on leveling Enchanting is to have a 2nd crafting profession that would provides greens that you can disenchant for Enchanting leveling mats. Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, or Leatherworking all fit that bill. Blacksmithing could too, but I wouldn't advise going with that one yet.

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