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    Considering Exiting the Glyph Market

    I recently worked up an Inscriber and dabbled in the Glyph market for a few weeks. In those weeks, I've made maybe 1-2k profit. I have faced a few challenges.

    The market is frought with undercutting - people will camp the AH and undercut me by 1c within 15 minutes of me posting (of course I undercut them by the same 1c). If I want to be profitable at this, I have to frequently log in my glyph AH toon and go through the cancel-repost scans.

    While I enjoy the gold-making aspect of the game, this part is unfun. I blame the fact that the only differentiator in the market is price, but it is what it is. It's becoming more frustrating than fun.

    I've tried tiering prices down on expensive glyphs - posting several at ever-decreasing prices. All this serves to do is crash the market on that glyph, because the undercutters will keep right on going down to the point of taking losses on their glyphs.

    I suppose there's some fun to be had in that, since I'll never post a glyph for a loss and watching others' stupidity is mildly entertaining. But it's not entertaining enough to be worth the hassle.

    The only alternative I can think of for the Glyph market is to just crash it and keep it low until everyone gets out, then bring it back up. That seems full of risk though. There will be people who keep posting glyphs right down below the cost of the parchment (I've seen them do it!) and there's no guarantee even if I can get people out, that I'll have any time to myself afterwards.

    I have found that Darkmoon work is very rewarding, and I think I'm just going to stick to that and maybe Mysterious Fortune Cards.

    Any other Inscribers out there have similar experiences? What did you do?

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    exiting glyphs...

    I got out of this long ago. I made a lot off glyphs (over 1mm gold) very fast. But now, it is just too much work for me and no matter what I try on my server it is tough to eek out anything more than 1k profit per day. I am sure there are others that still make a killing off the market...but I am a very seasoned goblin that his playing the AH on my server since early vanilla (I had 100k+ in vanilla, which was unheard of) and on MY server I have decided to just continue to try and sell off my inventory until a new "event" causes a change to the glyph market dynamic on my server to make it worth my time again.

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    I've been in and out of the glyph market for some time. Managed to make a somewhat decent amount in the time leading up to Cataclysm, and a bit thereafter, while all the other scribes (the proper term for those in this profession) were busy power-leveling and getting in to the DMF. Once all the old faces came back and hit the market with a vengeance, I backed out because it was just too much work. Recently, I've decided to re-enter, mainly because I want to crash the market. However, I decided to do a bit of a test run first, just to see if I could profit even with all the competition. Actually managed to make over 2k today, and that's only after posting once in the morning! Now that's exciting for me because it's been a very, very long time since I've seen that amount from glyphs, and I'm not certain I can sustain those sales, but I am going to give it a shot. I'm also going to see how profitable it can be to post only once each day. Go to The Undermine Journal and scout your competition's posting heat map. When I did that, I found out that the big names in the glyph market don't seem to post early in the morning, which is great because that's when I wake up. So my plan is to cancel at night, and post once in the morning. I'll hopefully have a window of a few hours to get my sales in before everyone else falls over each other in an undercutting war. Check to see if you can do something similar. I've also crafted a rather large stock of glyphs, so that I don't have to keep up with it as much. I'm just going to snatch cheap herbs when I can, stockpile them until I run out of glyphs, then do a milling/crafting marathon so I'm restocked. Hopefully this will let me earn some decent gold from inscription without having to do an insane amount of work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thc1967 View Post
    The market is frought with undercutting - people will camp the AH and undercut me by 1c within 15 minutes of me posting (of course I undercut them by the same 1c). If I want to be profitable at this, I have to frequently log in my glyph AH toon and go through the cancel-repost scans.

    While I enjoy the gold-making aspect of the game, this part is unfun. I blame the fact that the only differentiator in the market is price, but it is what it is. It's becoming more frustrating than fun.
    Sounds like EVERY market on my server. The AH's are full of people who sit their all day long cancelling and reposting. I know there will always be some who do that, but there seems to be far more players at the moment. I put it down to the fact lots of people seem to be getting bored /tired of the content, less people are raiding, so have more time to play AH and there's less people buying. But I dunno...

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    On the server I play, so far, glyph market appears really unstable, and might not be worth of my time. Firstly, a large amount of time has to be invested in searching and milling herbs. And fierce competition if you are on a high populated server. Since it is DMC week, the profit you earn would not be premium due to a boost of herb costs. I'd rather you spend your time and gold working on something else rather expect an unknown outcome.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I have two scribes, one on each faction on my server, and both have seen the profitability in glyphs decline quickly over the last four weeks. The initial three months of glyphs and DMF cards have been immensely profitable, but I did expect a reduction in profit margin at some point. I am convinced this is very much related to the fact that many guilds are done or stuck for now and that players have more idle time on their hands. Right now I am focusing on other goods.

    Returns in the glyph market are more or less a function of time investment. There is not much finesse involved. It takes time to mill, it takes time to craft and it takes significant time managing the relisting game. Spend time and you profit. But this also means if profitability is going down, inscription is the market you should be quick to reconsider in order not to burn too much time.

    If you have lots of AH campers active in the glyph market and you want to focus on other opportunities, try this approach. On my three accounts I have leveled skills to be active in virtually every high-volume market on both factions, but I track and select which ones I deal in on a regular basis. When I turn away from a market I decide either to leave it be or crash it. Leaving it be can be a good approach if you believe it will recover or if you have been pushing volumes too hard, crashing it is an option to quickly recover your residual value on reagents and scorching the earth for competitors. Post two or three of each glyph for maximum duration and at a level that will still earn you some gold (e.g. 45-60g) and frustrate competitors. This will probably earn you a few hate whispers, but for a seasoned goblin this is nothing new.

    Glyphs in particular are extremely sensitive to being crashed since the cost of materials is very low and reagent supply is virtually unlimited. If you want to maintain a presence while keeping your time investment low, make sure to subcontract the milling.

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    I'm out of market since 4.03. tried posting a few times since, but didn't do too well, too many reposters. I don't have time to post more than every 48h. I have 15 of every glyph, so money is sitting there.

    Things im going to do: posting a glyph wall at 45g, another at 12g and keeping only the fast moving glyphes (have to make a selection first).

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    On 'my' server there are a few campers active. One of them is babysitting his glyphs almost day and night as it's his only income so he's constantly canceling and reposting. When he's not on his AH toons he's milling and crafting on his scribe. What a life.. But I still manage to make a few K out of it daily with minimal efforts. I rarely have to mill or make ink as I subcontracted that part. Only a few times a week I check which glyphs are most profitable, and only craft those which are high in demand checking beancounter. Cancel and relisting, I do that about 3-4 times a day else I wouldn't sell a single glyph. But since I don't have a very long list up, that doesn't take long and I'm off doing something else

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    Om my realm, there are three level 1's always online, instantly undercutting glyphs, none of those 3 ever sell the same glyphs. Most likely one person / bot behind those 3, so glyph market on my realm is close to useless. I have added them to my friendslist and I have reported in hopes of it/them being a bot, but I still keep seeing them online every time I log.

    When I do tinker in the glyphmarket, I have my Inventorium addon sort glyphs by Minor Research / Northrend Research / Book of Glyph discoveries (this requires a bit of manual work to set up, its not automatic), and I can craft the ones I need more of easy by a few clicks. I only craft discovered glyphs, since I dont see the point in expanding my competition infinitly by making glyphs trained from the trainer. In the TradeSkillMaster addon, I believe this can be done by disableing all the trainer thought glyphs(possibly also abit of manual work, dont really know since I use another tradeskill addon)

    ..hope those bots gets a ban soon, but most likely they will just get replaced right after, so I dont know. On some servers its just pointless to enter some markets, I think.
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    I'd imagine that the glyph market isn't as large as most people think it might be due to the number of glyphs you can make that are actually useful. But the truth is that at this point it's almost entirely alt/reroll business since they're permanent now.

    Personally, I'm an AH camper for glyphs. Why? because there are maybe 6 serious other glyphers on the server currently. None of which do more then log on every couple of hours to re-post. I'm able to camp it because I work at home and it sits on my other computer next to me. I just watch for my competitors to log on (thank you friend list!) and cancel/re-post once they've logged off. I don't even need to have a keyboard hooked up for this. Since my glyph guy is on my second account, 3 nights a week I control it while I raid as well.

    I can tell I'm doing it right since one of my minor competitors tried to start selling me glyphs directly for 30% less then AH value. If he can make them for 30% less and think its a deal, I certainly am already making them less then that. I'd imagine after everyone turns him down, he'll crash those 30ish glyphs hes in and eventually leave the market. Win!

    I guess my point is that unless you have the time to camp, glyphs aren't really worth the effort. However, if you can camp it (and be the only one camping it hard), it's decent, though certainly not obscene income/time invested. I'm sure if I was playing more then 3 evenings a week it could be even better, but I'll hit gold cap soon enough



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