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    Your thoughts on LW.

    I'm thinking about leveling my leatherworking from 450 to 525. Last time I checked, it would cost me at least 3k to level the profession (I don't have a skinner anymore). The question is, could I make that money back easily once I have maxed the profession?

    I've looked through the few threads I have found on LW, and it seems that PvP gear and BoE epics were selling well. I think the demand has gone down for the boe gear, especially with 4.1 and 4.2 on the horizon. And leg armors? Probably lower demand now, but we might see a spike once 4.1 comes out.

    So I'd like to hear some thoughts from fellow goblins. Is leatherworking profitable for you? What kind of items are you selling? Do they sell well? Do you farm your own mats? Any niche items you have found that work on your server? Do you use LW to shuffle (i.e. DE crafted items)?

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    That all depends on your philosophy. How many high levels do you have that can craft the 525 stuff? If this is your only character, I do not think that LW is all that viable. (I do not like BSmith either). There are a few spurts for those crafts, but by and large, enchanting, jewel, alchy, mining, herbing, heck even tailoring with the bags all seem to be more profitable. Engineering is also fun to use, but profits(?) not really. Every profession makes gold, but perhaps you are asking us to slot in LW. It falls behind the others.

    Now if you are like some of us, you have many chars that craft and if the question is does LW belong in my arsenal, the answer is yes. You are at 450...525 is not that far off and then you are done. Leg enchants are your bread and butter.

    There are many threads here that show how to make gold with any profession. LW is not the best gold maker. Anything can happen with future patches, but the short answers are above. Hope this helps although I feel I may have stated the obvious.

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    If its "only" gonna cost you 3K i think you can easily make that back with the pvp gear and leg enchants, especially in 4.1 since there will be new epic leg slots dropping of the bosses in the ZA/ZG heroics.
    Also people that have been slacking a bit on their alts will most likely buy some ppv gear to "cheat" their way into these new heroics and get some easy epics for them.
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    I have the luxury to have every profession available to me, so I did not have to chose between alternatives. Here is my take on LW.

    PvP gear: Not many on my server are selling the PvP gear, I am maybe the only one that sells every item from all 4 categories (melee leather/mail and caster leather/mail). I allways have 2 up on every item that is above my threshhold. This takes a big initial investment, but once its up you only replace what you sell. Some days I hardly sell anything, other days I sell up to 10k worth. Check out the margin on your server to see if its a viable strategy, I make between 25% and 150% profit per item. The big advantage of LW is that the posting cost are relatively low so cancel/relist does not cost a lot.

    The leather shuffle: Buying scraps/savage leather and converting this to pristine hides is still profitable on my server. (You dont need max LW for this though)

    Legg enchants: The Epic legg enchants have a nice markup on my server, but prices go up and down a lot. I also sell the blue Cata enchants, these make a decent profit too and move much faster.

    Old world legg enchants: Very high markup but they move slow.

    Mining Baggs: These are a nice side business with very decent profits.

    Besides these there are some other small things I sell, but these are the main items. Overall LW is a decent money maker for me, and once you get the routine going its not that much work to maintain because the amount of different base mats you need are limited. Make sure you check often for the raw mats and buy low. I dont farm raw mats for any of my professions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davison View Post
    buy some pvp gear to "cheat" their way into these new heroics and get some easy epics for them.
    I did this back when cata came, so I second that one.
    Every friday I post some statistics on what/how much I've sold the last week; MySales Weekly Statistics
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    There is gold to be made but it really depends on your competition. On my server I compete with someone that according to TUJ's heat map, has posted auctions every single hour in the last week. Needless to say, I dont make much money in this market. But the PvP gear is selling thats for sure and leather is still on my snatch list, I just dont go hard because camping the AH isnt how I want to play this game.

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    I've taken a different approach to LW and it's worth considering. I grabbed the patterns for the leather and mail +Agi gear and tried making most of it but it didn't sell well.

    So instead, I've memorized the conversion rate for Savage Leather to Pristine Hides (250 Scraps per hide; 50 Savage Leather; 10 Heavy). At first I was buying leather low and flipping it as Hides, but I've started making both and . Despite the higher price of Blackened Dragonscales, I'm still able to make anywhere from 150-300g profit.

    Competition is relatively light, and there are maybe 3 of us total who are regularly posting .

    Also of note: I've been buying when prices are low and converting it into . These sell, still, about 3-5 per week (maybe more, I'll have to check MySales tonight). I can sell them for 190-325g each depending on competition. They are still the largest mining bags in the game. Others have had good luck with but I think it's a leveling recipe because there is much more competitoin and undercutting, and so I've dipped out of that market.

    Use TUJ to check those items and see what you can come up with. Levelers will often dump their various leather so you can get it for cheap if you keep your eyes open.

    So in my opinion, the increased sales from leg armors and bags makes up for the lower profit.
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    I usually sell the equivalent of 1 pvp set a week, at an average profit of ~ 1k per piece. If nobody else is selling the PvP gear on your server, you can make some pretty good gold still. Monday nights before the Arena week resets are usually my best night. The best strategy is to keep a full set up as I have had a number (most?) of my buyers grab 3 - 5 pieces all at once. I personally have 2 of each piece (all 4 sets) up and only have competition on about 1/3 of them.

    The leg armor is also a great way to go, as people have mentioned, but you are likely to run into more competition there, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathroman View Post
    The leg armor is also a great way to go, as people have mentioned, but you are likely to run into more competition there, as well.
    I agree with one note. Especially with the dragonscale kits, people will usually craft/post so if you can begin limiting supply on the scales, you can keep some mild control (hey, I said mild) on your competition. That being said, raid nights are still excellent for these to move. Tuesday resets are prime because gloves and legs drop from the BH boss and that is normally the night most people run BH.

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    The old leg armor sells pretty well also. The scales and primal air make too tough and expensive to produce. is usually cheap to make, however. I sell a handful of these a week at 250g/each (they are 50-100g to produce). I wouldn't bother with the epic version because people are just using these for leveling.



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