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    Post The Consortium Professions Guide

    After a bit of collective thinking up in the Stormspire, we've assembled a short guide to help you make some coin with your professions, whichever they may be. Before you read on, a few short disclaimers:

    • As always, generalities can only take you so far. Each server is different, so maybe something listed below won't work on your server, and maybe something we didn't list works very well on your server.
    • This isn't a min-maxing guide. This guide just aims at showing you the basic tricks - the ropes, the things that should guarantee you steady income.

    This being said, we hope you enjoy this guide and make as much profit you can with it!



    You want to choose accordingly to your other professions and to the markets you're most specialized in. Transmute specialisation is, for example, preferred if you regularly shuffle ore and have large supplies of uncommon gems to transmute into diamonds or rare-quality gems, depending on what's most profitable for you. Bear in mind that switching specialisations only costs 150g (so 300g to go from specialisation A to B and back to A), so if you're going to play heavily in various markets, it can be worth it to change back and forth. To forget your specialisation and learn a new one, you must:
    1/ Go to the transmute master that taught you your current specialisation.
    2/ Give him 150g to forget it.
    3/ Learn a new one at whichever transmute master you want. Transmute masters are:

    Profitable crafts:

    • Transmute Truegold: generally profitable on every server. Transmute specialization applicable.
    • Transmute Living Elements: also generally profitable on every server, and also subject to transmute specialization. Whether you choose to do this or truegold with your daily CD is up to you, but don't assume truegold is always the most profitable: Living Elements can be pretty profitable, assuming you're not stockpiling truegold.
    • Transmute Shadowspirit Diamond: very profitable if you can get cheap gems (generally via the ore shuffle). Check the Consortium Shuffling Spreadsheet to see if this beats the DE option. Transmute specialization recommended.
    • Transmuting uncommon gems to rare gems: another potentially profitable option, especially if you're transmute specialized.
    • Potions: highly server-dependent. A few best-selling potions include: , and .
    • Elixirs: the four primary stat elixirs (///) always tend to sell well, but more and more guilds will be getting these from their cauldrons; these cauldrons, however, do not offer , so these should keep some worth over time. You might also want to keep an eye on .
    • : a decent item both for DPS and for levelling tanks.


    If you have access to the , you can always offer your services for a high fee; if you're horde (for the goblin racial) or have a guild perk allowing discounts at all factions, you can make quite a bit of profit on these.
    transmuting can also be profitable.


    Profitable crafts:

    • is a classic, and to many blacksmiths, a staple product. If you have a 525 BS, there is no reason for you to miss out on this product.
    • : depends on your server, but has a potential for very decent money-making.
    • PvP gear: server-dependant, but potentially a decent money-maker. Be warned that a few PvP items are used for levelling the profession, and can sometimes end up below mats cost on the AH.
    • Epic crafts: generally profitable if you already have the chaos orbs. Don't go running instances just to get them though, it's probably not worth it.
    • Enchanting rods: enchanting rods are often a nice source of additional revenue. The and tend to be a bit more profitable than the others, but as often, this is server-dependent, so don't be afraid to check out your local server.


    Three things come to mind.
    • The Darkmoon Faire shuffle. For those of you who missed it, there's a great thread here that tells you everything you need to know about it. In short, you buy s, turn them into which you then turn in at the faire for prizes in the hope of getting rare patterns or twink/collector items from reward bags.
    • The shuffle - more about that here. In short: craft blades, DE, profit.
    • Levelling tanking sets, notably the WotLK Cobalt Set; bear in mind these aren't quick sellers, but you can make a decent margin on each sale, and they do add up in the end.


    Profitable crafts:

    I won't even list them, you have an extroardinary thread about that right here. If you want to sell scrolls, that's the thread to read.


    The shuffle is still very profitable on most servers. Get crystals, shatter them, get essences and dusts, profit. To help calculate whether this is profitable for you or not, I've shattered just under 4,000 crystals, and have had, on average, 4.67 and 1.65 per crystal.
    The other thing you want to look into is DE'ing the rings and necklaces you get from the ore shuffle (once again, see the Consortium Shuffling Spreadsheet to see how profitable this can be).


    Profitable crafts:

    • Minipets of all kinds are often surprisingly profitable. Three shout-outs to the and (goblin engineering) / (gnome engineering), who tend to make very nice profits indeed.
    • : both a decent twink item and a vanity item, worth checking.
    • Highly server-dependent, bound to go down with time, and probably doomed come 4.1, but crafting epic engineering helms and disenchanting them, providing you're an enchanter and have the orbs, can be very profitable. On my server, mats are still around 1k and crystals still sell around 2k-2k5, so while the window is narrowing, the potential is still there. Great way of getting way of excess orbs at any rate.


    Similarly to Alchemy's drake, you can make some profit on the . Whether you choose to craft it and sell it at a premium, or just advertise your services, don't forget that you can - like for alchemy - eke out a few hundred gold in extra profit by recruiting a goblin to buy stuff or having the guild perk.


    Profitable crafts:
    • : extremely cheap to make, and with potentially sky-high margins. I have personally managed to make over 10,000g in profits just by barking these 2h on a Saturday afternoon. Well worth at least a look.
    • Glyphs: this is a tricky one. Most servers generally have one or two glyph barons, and they don't much like competition, as you're probably well aware if you've read the latest threads about this on the boards. There is a lot of potential for profit, but the glyph market requires constant attention and quite a bit of experience.
    • . The Darkmoon Faire Decks are extremely unequal in prices, generally going from ~5,000g for an to 25,000+ for a , which means you are extremely vulnerable to RNG when crafting these. As often with RNG-based mechanisms, your best shot at protecting yourself is quantity, quantity, quantity.
    • Relics/OH items: highly server-dependent, but the 346 gear can sell quite well, not just because it's good, but because it helps people reach the 329 mark quicker.
    • : dirt cheap to make, often quite expensive on the AH, well worth checking.




    Profitable crafts:

    I won't make a list here. Cut gems and metagems vary wildly from server to server, so which cuts you make or don't make depends entirely on your personal situation.
    It's worth noting that you can also sell the 346 crafts pretty well, as some of them are pre-raid BiS (such as for hunters and for DK tanks).

    The Shuffle. Yes, with a capital "S". The concept, for those of you who don't know it, is simple. You buy ore - obsidium, elementium, pyrite, whichever - and you prospect it. Then, you take the uncommon gems, and either:
    - cut them and vendor them for 9g apiece
    - turn them into JC neckalces and rings, which you DE
    - turn them into shadowspirit diamonds
    - AH them
    - transmute them into rare-quality gems
    Which operation you perform is determined by the awesome Consortium Shuffling Spreadsheet, which I can't link enough to.
    Should you choose to craft rings and necklaces and DE them, be careful not to DE the rare-quality ones. Shards - especially small shards - are often worth little gold; they do tend to sell rather well on the AH however, especially the ilvl 333s (once again, to help hit the 329 cap).
    Finally, should you choose to vendor raw uncommon gems, keep an eye on the JC daily; whichever gem is required on that day, throw a few stacks of 3 of that gem up and enjoy.


    Profitable crafts:

    • PvP gear: same as BS, i.e. very server-dependent, but with great potential.
    • Epics: once again, same as BS, i.e. worth it when you already have the orbs, but not worth going on an orb-hunting trip.
    • ///: often quite profitable, and fortunately it's very easy to calculate if they are. Definitely worth looking into.
    • //: there are no Cata equivalents (yet?) to these bags, and the mats are cheap (and if they aren't, they're at least easy to get quickly yourself). These rarely sell for much, but usually offer quite an interesting little margin - especially if you're among the only ones actually posting them.

    You want to look into the leather shuffle. Check out and /. Often enough, the scraps are dirt cheap, and the heavy leathers and hides at normal to high prices. It takes 25 scraps to make one heavy leather, and 250 scraps to make a hide, so you can quickly calculate if it's profitable to buy scraps and make them into heavy leathers or hides. I've personally transformed a rough 50,000 scraps already, and it's been quite profitable.


    Profitable crafts:

    • Bags of all shapes and sizes. This has always been a traditional tailoring cash-cow, and still is to a large extent to this day. It may not be the most profitable option, but it remains a solid option on many servers.
    • PvP gear: cf. BS.
    • Epics: different from BS and LW insofar as they do not require chaos orbs.
    • If is high on your server and cheap, then you might want to make some for DE'ing.
    • Server-dependent, but /// can offer some good profit too.


    can be of worth thanks to its unique skin. It does cost an orb though, so price it accordingly.
    Don't forget to hand out reputation to people whose posts enlightened you!

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    Nice compilation! I would also add [spell]64051[/spell] for inscription. I picked up a ton of eternal shadow for a couple gold each at the end of Wrath and these easily sell for 200g with little competition on a lot of servers.

    Especially when there is a new Twilight movie coming out. I know someone else somewhere mentioned these before and barking them, but I find the extra competition isnt worth it.

    Better way to sell would be to use one and sit in trade if your around a city on a toon above 70 just respond to the tells of people asking how you became a wolf by directing them to the AH.
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    It didn't ever occurred to me I could craft Netherweave Pants and DE them for Arcane Dust which is selling pretty well. +rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siqnezz View Post
    It didn't ever occurred to me I could craft Netherweave Pants and DE them for Arcane Dust which is selling pretty well. +rep
    Along the same vein, Blacksmithing can be a great source of essences if the price is right. , , and are usually the ones in short supply whose prices are most easily "massaged".
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