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    Undocumented change?

    I was doing a bit of archaeology this morning and I noticed I was getting 3-7 fragments at a time. Is anyone else seeing this? I haven't seen any notes to this effect. Last night I was getting 3-6 only. This morning after the rolling restarts I started getting 7.

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    I'll watch and see what I get next time I do some Archaeology... either tonight or tomorrow probably. But I didn't see anything on MMO-Champ about it or in blue patch/hotfix notes. So maybe it is an undocumented change. Would be a nice one to have too. Speed up Archaeology a little bit more, because it's just so darn exciting

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    I'm personally for any and all archaeology buffs. I'm standing at 220 NE relics crafted, 18 rares, and STILL no bloody doll from Tyrande... So huzzah for extra relics \o/
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    I'm working on my second toon right now (one of my alchemy toons). My main got the doll and Zin but not the dwarf staff or anything good from Tol'vir. So far, I've leveled this alt from about mid-81 to almost 84 just from alchemy.

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    I hope they did buff it.... My DK (Alchemist) leveled from 75 - 85 just trying to get the damn vial...

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    I'm only seeing fragments in 3's, 5's and 7's now.



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