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    What to do with the rares from ore shuffling

    I have been doing some ore shuffling after getting the spreadsheet from this forum.

    The green gems are being made into jewellery and DE'd and they give back my cost price.

    The rare gems dont sell on my server (only inferno ruby sells). Is there any tip that you guys can give to make some profit from them. Right now they sell for around 8-20g each.

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    You could...

    - Sell them uncut at the best price you can get.
    - Try cutting some of them (see TUJ's jewelcrafting gem cut breakdown) and sell that way.
    - Stockpile for future use as transmutes for epic gems.

    Honestly, I've been having difficulty in moving my rare gems as well. I think it's the content slowdown that comes right before a new patch. I expect a new surge in gems as 4.1 and 4.2 come out, and everyone needs new gems for new gear.

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    If your'e on a US server, it's Spring Break time. Server populations will generally dip, on average, for the rest of the month.

    Do as Deomitrus said and check TUJ. That aside, you can craft Perforators and DE/vendor them if you just want to move inventory.

    I've seen a surge in sales nearly across the board lately, in cut gems. Not necessarily in price, but definitely in volume.

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    sorry but im kinda new here

    what is TUJ tried searching for it but didnt find anything

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    never mind the above post.

    The undermine journal i figured it out. Awesome tip, now i know what sells. Time to get some other JC's to cut those gems. No tokens to buy any :P



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