View Poll Results: What professions do you have? (max 10 options, so I had to gather gathering skills)

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  • Alchemy

    174 91.58%
  • Blacksmithing

    115 60.53%
  • Enchanting

    180 94.74%
  • Engineering

    95 50.00%
  • Inscription

    147 77.37%
  • Jewelcrafting

    178 93.68%
  • Leatherworking

    88 46.32%
  • Tailoring

    131 68.95%
  • Herbalism / Mining / Skinning

    136 71.58%
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    What professions do you have, Mr.Goldmaker?

    I was thinking it would be fun to see the arsenal of professions you rich guys are sitting on. How many of each profession, and also what level chars you got.
    (disclaimer; if this thread already exist, I appologize)

    I will start with my goldmaking setup(red; locked see below for details);
    85 Paladin - 525 Engineering, 525 Mining (525 Cooking, 525 Archaeology)
    84 Warlock - 525 Enchanting, 525 Engineering
    83 Druid - 525 Alchemy, 525 Herbalism
    81 Warrior - 525 Jewelcrafting, 525 Inscription
    75 Rogue - 525 Tailoring, 515 Blacksmithing
    65 Shaman - 300 Skinning, 275 Leatherworking
    (80 Death knight, on another server, and wrong faction)

    I say goldmaking setup, but honestly I had no grand plan when I started my first toons, so the top two here, was just because I love engineering. If I should have shuffled these professions around, I would have gone with Leatherworking + Blacksmithing on my main(paladin) since the chaos orbs are useful for those professions, and also you need to be lvl84 to access the twilight highlands vendor recipes. Enchanting + Tailoring on my lvl84 warlock, since its most likely he will obtain chaos orbs first of all my alts. Herbalism + Mining on my druid ofc, because gathing is easy with a druid. My warrior I would keep as is. My rogue would get Engineering + Alchemy, and my lowbie shammy would get to keep his Skinning + Leatherworking for now, but probably make use of another transmute CD on alchemy there IF my setup where ideal like this.

    I cant change it around like that, since my lock engineer has some profitable pets I cba to get again on another toon, and also he is a goblin and I make engi bikes with him, and the enchanting is also kinda locked, since I got a lot of rare formulas. So, lock is locked. :P
    I love engineering on my paladin, I wouldn't know how to live without it, so thats "locked". Mining, however, I could be open to change around.

    This was therapeutic for me, I just realized. I can change alchemy to my paladin, and mining to my druid. This will work out well since I already have maxed Archaeology on my pally, and I can try to get the mount recipe.
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    I've done a small amount of shuffling professions since learning to make gold, so here's my setup as it currently stands:

    Priest[85] - AlchemyElixir[525] + Herbalism[525] (My raiding main, keeps her very first two professions for nostalgia and ease during new expansions)
    Death Knight[85] - Enchanting[500] + Mining[525] (A mess around character, has enchanting purely to DE quest rewards and low-level dungeon farming as he's great at soloing)
    Shaman[85] - Mining[525] + Herbalism[525] (My gatherer, nuff said)
    Warlock[84] - Enchanting[525] + Tailoring[525] (The first of my actual gold making toons. Sells tailoring levelling gear, PVP gear, enhancement items, bags, bolts, scrolls and enchanting mats)
    Warrior[84] - Blacksmithing[525] + Leatherworking[525] (Sells enchanting rods, mithril spurs, shield spikes, levelling gear, pvp gear, profession bags, weapons, enhancement items etc)
    Druid[83] - EngineeringGnomish[525] + Jewelcrafting[525] (Sells engineering pets, ranged weapons, cut rare gems, uncut uncommons, metas)
    Paladin[82] - Inscription[525] + AlchemyTransmute[525] (Sells glyphs, offhands, relics, fortune cards, low level decks, low level inks and transmutes every day)
    Hunter[80] - EngineeringGoblin[515] + AlchemyTransmute[525] (Makes goblin-only engineering item and posts them to my other engineer, does a daily transmute)
    Rogue[80] - Herbalism[500] + Skinning[500] Still being levelled, doesn't get played much
    Druid[63] - No professions, pvp character, alt banker for weird items, and leaving these profession slots free for future speculation.

    Well that's it. All ten slots are used, some profession slots are unused or are redundant, but apart from throwing more alchemists into the mix there isn't much I can think of to improve, at least in Cata content.
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    Shaman(85) - Alchemy(525), Herbalism(525), Archaeology(525) - The character I still consider my "main," though his goldmaking these days is limited to alchemy daily transmutes and the occasional bulk Inferno Ruby transmute. Unfortunately I've about given up on finding the Vial of the Sands recipe

    Paladin(84) - Enchanting(525) and Blacksmithing(525) - my main goldmaking character. Belt Buckles were my first big market and I still sell those and the Bloodied Pyrium and Ornate Pyrium PvP sets, as well as some blue weapons. I buy low-priced green items for DEing purposes and sell all levels of enchanting scrolls when I can. I haven't even scratched the Chaos Orb or Maelstrom Crystal crafting markets (he's only level 84!) and honestly I haven't had to.

    Warrior(47) - Engineering(~200) and Inscription(300 I believe) - when I find the time I like to bulk create whichever glyphs seem in demand which this character knows how to make and then slowly sell them over the course of weeks. Glyphs aren't a huge market for me but may get bigger if I ever find time to level this guy

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    Rogue(85) Eng 525 Enchant 525 Arch 525
    Druid(85) Herb 525 Skin 525
    DK(85) BS 505 Alch (Xmute) 525 Arch 525
    Warrior(84) JC 525 Mining 525
    Warlock(77) Inscrip 525 Tailor 525
    Hunter(48) <-- at 75 will be xmute alch and LW
    Once I get unlazy I will get my DK's BS to 525 and my lock to 84 to unlock TH vendors. Then there's finishing off the hunter. I already have my next alt planned, I am not looking foward to it.

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    Cataclysm caught me with most of my alts still at 65, so I'm still working on getting them up to speed. There was some disorganized shuffling of some profs depending on who got to 84 first, but things have settled down now.

    The 525's
    85 Warlock - Alchemy/Jewelcrafting
    85 Shaman - Alchemy/Inscription
    85 Paladin - Alchemy/Enchanting (was Engineer)
    76 Hunter - Alchemy/Skinning
    75 Death Knight - Alchemy/Jewelcrafter
    75 Warrior - Alchemy/Blacksmith
    85 Druid - Herb/Mining

    The RAF Pack (450's)
    65 Rogue - Alchemy/Leatherworking
    65 Mage - Alchemy/Engineering
    68 Priest - Alchemy/Tailor

    (Yes, I'm in a rut.) Most of my activity is focused at the consumables side of the market, so my armor crafters have always lagged behind the rest.
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    85 Paladin - Jewelcrafting/Inscription
    82 Druid - Mining/Engineering (for smelting, don't actually go out of my way to mine)
    75 DK - Enchanting/Alchemy (need to get him to 84 to get the good enchants)
    50 priest - 300 tailoring

    To do:
    - Tailoring
    - Blacksmithing
    - More alchemists
    - LW if i have leftover slots.

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    85 Mage : JC 525 / Mining 525
    85 Priest : Herborist 525 /Tailoring 500
    80 Warrior : Alchemy 525 / Blacksmith 515
    71 Rogue : Inscription 450 / Enchanting 450

    Still have to get my rogue 75 and my warrior 85 though ...

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    I am actively playing on three accounts so I can quickly post auctions on one toon while playing on another, or simply letting my scribe create those 120 stacks of ink while letting my jeweler create those 80 green/blue rings while having my tailor create bolts of cloth. Very time efficient.
    85: Alchemy/JC
    85: Tailoring/Inscription
    85: Alchemy/Leatherworking
    85: Alchemy/Enchanting
    85: Alchemy/ I will probably go for blacksmithing and belt buckle market

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    I have:

    85 - Leather/Alch
    84 - JC/Eng
    84 - JC/Scribe
    84 - BS/Miner (for smelting)
    84 - Ench/Alch
    82 - Tailor/Alch

    3 x Sub 60 toons - All gathering proffs

    I have 3 Alchs, because that's a nice bit of easy gold. 2 JCs, 1 to buy the rare cuts now the other is saving tokens for epic cuts. I have every crafting profession covered here, but I don't have a high level Skinner or Herbalist, I don't farm anyway though, I wouldn't have the patience to compete there with the botters/goldfarmers & it's very easy to secure their services cheaply if an ore/leather/herb dry spell hits the AH.

    I am considering levelling one of my sub 60s as an enchanter, in a sense I consider enchanting to be another gathering profession - gatherer of enchant mats.

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    • 85 Warrior - Mining/Blacksmith
    • 85 Rogue - Mining/Engineering
    • 85 Mage - Tailoring/Enchanting
    • 83 Priest - Alchemy/Inscription
    • 75 DK - Mining/JC


    • 71 Paladin - Herbalism/Alchemy
    • 68 Paladin - Inscription/Alchemy
    • 67 Paladin - Inscription/Enchanting



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