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    Making the Shuffle a Two-Step

    With the influx of ore into the markets, and exceptional prices, the Obsidium Shuffle has become a hugh scource of income for me, and for many others. With that said, processing thousands of ore a day can be a time consuming effort. I'm outlining a few tips that I've learned to maybe make my fellow
    auctioneer's lives easier.

    Prospecting for Dummies
    First, prospecting. This is easy enough, just spam this little guy right here. Make damn sure the amount in inventory and mail is divisible by 5, or it will fail. How I handle prospecting is pretty easy. First I clear my bags of everything, clear my mailbox of everything, and then mail all of the ore to my crafter. Using Postal and Mail Opener I sit with an open mailbox and just spam my Prospecting Macro. As you work through the ore and bag space becomes available, Mail Opener will fill your bags from the mailbox up to the free space I set (5). Just keep hitting that macro until your bags are over flowing with the gems and mail them off.

    #show Obsidium Ore
    /cast Prospecting
    /use Obsidium Ore

    The following macro will allow you to craft one item per keypress. I've included error clearing, optional but I can't stand seeing that red text. As long as you have the tradeskill window open, the materials in your bags, and free space for it to land, this will continue to craft from the first line to the last. There will be errors as it's trying to craft everything at once, but it is effective. Replace the ??? with the Tradeskill Numbers, found in the next section. Each DoTradeSkill(???) is a separate recipe, you can add as many or as little as you like. You must have your tradeskill window open and should have all categories expanded and filters off. This can be used for gems if your vendoring or jewlery if your disenchanting. Pro-tip: If you're doing the two button craft-disenchant-repeat, it pays to add /use Lesser Celestial Essence to the following macro. That will combine your lessers into greaters and save you a ton of bag space.

    /run UIErrorsFrame.Hide();
    /script DoTradeSkill(???);
    /script DoTradeSkill(???);
    /script DoTradeSkill(???);
    /script DoTradeSkill(???);
    /run UIErrorsFrame.Clear();

    The following macro will cause your character to /say a number that you will need to insert into the One-button Crafting macro in place of the ???s. Open your tradeskill window, expand all menus, clear all filters, select the tradeskill you're interested in, and run this macro. Note: This number will change if you learn new recipes, have filters on, or have menu's collapsed.

    /script local tradeSkillIndex = GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex();
    /script SendChatMessage(GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex(),”SAY ”);

    Once the ore is now pretty gems, you can do something very similar to what I've described in Prospecting for Dummies. Clear your bags (minus the required tools for jewelcrafting) and just sit at an open mailbox with the uncut gems pouring in. The options from here are to craft into gems for vendoring or jewlery for disenchanting.

    Vendoring Cut Gems
    Not really worth is own little section, but if you'r crafting into gems to vedor you can use the Scrap (Junk Seller) addon to sell your gems. Instructions for how to add items to Scrap are on its page, just make sure you are the regular and perfect version of each gem.
    /click Scrap

    Disenchanting Crafted Jewlery
    I wont bother posting the macro, since its auto-magically created by the addon Deconstructive. So the instructions are... download Deconstructive.

    The Two-Step
    So bind your One-button Crafting Macro to anything (let's say 1) and your Scrap or Deconstructive macros on anything else (let's say 2) and just 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2

    Addon's Mentioned in this Article

    Credit to the author of this guide...

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    Actually some pretty good tips. I didn't know crafting items could be macroed.
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    @OP: You are my hero. Thanks.

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    I couldn't get your 2nd macro to work nor find an updated version of deconstructive. I think Panda is an adequate substitute though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverb View Post
    I couldn't get your 2nd macro to work nor find an updated version of deconstructive. I think Panda is an adequate substitute though.
    Although Deconstructive is out of date and throws an error on load, it still works flawlessly for me.

    The One-button Crafting macro requires that you replace the ??? with the crafting number found using the next macro and having the tradeskill window open. Each line will be different as you're trying to craft Alicite Pendants, Nightstone Chokers, Carnellian Spikes etc., If there is a way I can better word that for ease of understanding, or there's any other questions, just let me know. I'm usually logged into #TradeskillMaster IRC making fun of Sapu.



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