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    Essence of water/air

    as long as you control you could sell those for 200g a pop while water is usually >10g since the airs are a low drop rate, and the best farming area is way out of the way (Silithus), it should be rather easy to control these.

    these generally sell at such high prices because they are the part of the list of mats to a widely used PvP twink weapon which would just so happen to be enchant 15agi to weapon, now as (i think) new caster enchants for BoA gear is on its way i believe... i have not heard of any new melee enchants for BoA gear so this should stay the same... but be on the lookout, who knows what blizz has around the bend

    ive made a nice 5k off just this past week just from the waters i bought these last 2 weeks hope you guys find it as profitable as i do

    p.s. generally works better on a low population server

    other good items that are low in demand and sell for big money are mentioned in Sterlings guide to Gouging - - -

    ***** important *******

    be sure to pick up the X-mute recipe for from
    Magnus Frostwake

    he's located on scholomance island according to the map

    other possible recipe's you might want to buy from him include

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    The problem with Magnus Frostwake is that you need to have the Spectral Essence, a quest reward from an old Scholomance quest, which was removed with the Shattering, to be able to see and talk to him. So unless you already have an alchemist with the recipe or at least the Spectral Essence left over on a character being an alchemist, the transmute recipe (BoP of course) is unobtainable as of now.

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    I try to do this but MIGHT have sold 10x airs at 100g over the past 4 weeks. No demand what so ever, even the twink chants that use them don't sell worth a shiz.
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    I'm not at home to check, but I thought the Water to Air transmute is one of those on the cooldown (resets at midnight) so limits us to one per day. Whilst I actively sell the enchant, this is not a practical method for me to generate the as I use my transmute cd for other more profitable endeavors.

    It could well be a useful method while still levelling the profession though, the transmute is available at Alchemy 275 if you can learn it from somewhere, whereas the high end good profit transmutes need 450 or better.
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    Bump for an old but good thread.
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