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    Profitability of Maelstrom Crystal Enchants?

    Long time reader, first time poster here. I'd like to put out a question about people's experiences selling the higher end Cataclysm enchants on their realm's auction houses (basically anything that requires a Maelstrom Crystal to craft, but not necessarily the new enchants from patch 4.0.6).

    A little about my realm: I play Horde-side on Maiev, which is a medium-low population server with low progression. The Undermine Journal for my server shows the higher end scrolls as being profitable (4000g profit on Lavawalker and Assasin's Step), but I fear that there will be little to no demand for them at that price, which seems exorbitantly high.

    Basically, my theory is that anybody who wants one of these enchants will have a guildie enchant them for them and won't suffer the huge mark-up price of buying from the AH. I'm tempted to craft some scrolls and try and sell them on the AH at those prices, but I'm afraid that I'll wind up getting into an undercut war just to sell them and I'll wind up losing money on the deal.

    I've been making gold in Cata through Blacksmithing, selling belt buckles and the PvP sets), Alchemy daily transmutes and Inferno Ruby transmutes, and through Enchanting mats and lower-level scrolls, but I've been hesitant to jump into this market for the above reasons. There are some high barriers to entry for the very high end enchants (5 Maelstrom Crystals!) so I'm perceiving it as something of a risk.

    Is anybody here currently selling these enchants on their realm's auction house and making money? What kinds of profit are you making and what kind of volume are you selling these enchants in?

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    Personally, I've been making some very decent profit by selling the crystals raw. I have a few epic formulas (I'm my guild's main enchanter, so they were guild-paid), but I don't bother with them. The enchants are extremely expensive, so people are going to do their best not to have to pay a hefty tip; moreover, the people actually using such enchants will generally be in decently advanced guilds, which will generally offer the enchant (if not the actual mats).

    If you really think there's a market for those scrolls on your server, go for it, but I find flipping the crystals raw to be much easier, much safer, and still very profitable.
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    I made a few assassin's step, they were the cheapest to make at the time. It took about 2-3 weeks for just one to sell, and I only made about 100g off it.
    Its not something I would really recommend doing right now. Try looking at hurricane, heartsong, mending, 2h-mighty agi, avalanche earthen vitality, and mighty stats. You can move those alot faster with more profit.

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    The only mealstrom crystal enchant i sell regularly is the assassin's step one and while i say regularly i would estimate around one every two weeks or so. For the rest i have sold an average of less than one of each enchant since the expansion started.

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    The high level enchants don't sell on my server either. I think the way to make money with them is by selling the Maelstrom Crystals raw so other enchanters can make the high level stuff.

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    I think it's too risky to make them unless you have characters that will need them in the future for gear upgrades. Just spam trade that you have the formulas and mats. Leave off the price to avoid the trolls. You'll be able to determine the demand and price from the whispers. Good luck.

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    I've yet to try this either due to the high cost of crystals. between 2.5-3.2k on my Server. I originally bought 2/3 recipes when I could make my own crystals with alch stones, but now I have to rely on the AH. I have seen that a few have actually sold thanks to TUJ, but when I bark in trade I don't get any whispers, even undercutting by 2k or more!



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