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    Blackfallow Ink, what to use them on?

    So, by luck I came across an offer in Trade. 157 Stacks of Whiptail for less than half of AH price. As well as 1200 Volatile Life and a bonus of 280 Twilight jasmine.

    Now im planing on milling all of them, and create Darkmoon cards for the upcomming faire. I already have 2 Volcano decks aswell as 20+ Cards for various uncompleted decks.

    The problem is, the Burning Embers will be more than enough to make the amount of Darkmoon cards I want.

    This leaves me with a lot of Blackfallow inks in spare. What should I do with them? Counting an average of 6 Inks per stack of whiptail plus the other Inks i already have i have over 1000 Inks. I have a healthy stock of Glyphs aswell so trading in for Northrend Ink and make glyphs wont help me too much.

    Ive been thinking of making Mysterious Fortune cards. If i sell all of them for 12-13g each i will get back the money for my Whiptail investment. However moving 1000+ Fortune cards seems a bit hard.

    Any other suggestions as to what to spend my Inks on?

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    I'd like to ask what exactly do you mean by
    The problem is, the Burning Embers will be more than enough to make the amount of Darkmoon cards I want.
    It sort of says you expect to get certain cards to complete your uncomplete decks but i am assuming you aren't so i don't understand why you have a limit on the number of cards you want to produce?

    If your making a profit off the cards, which i am again assuming you are, then why do you want to limit yourself in what you can sell?
    If you really want tome variety you could pump some into making fortune cards but the rest i would turn into DMC's.

    Past that you could actually try selling some glyphs or some runescrolls.

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    I guess ill try to spread it as much as i can, but with a bigger part of it into DMF cards. The reason i dont want to put all of it in the cards is because im planing to sell them during the faire, which is a couple of weeks away. And i would like to see some return on it before that. Not expection an amazing amount, but would like some more pocket change.

    Also im pretty new to the gold game and would like to atleast understand the different markets i can be a part of, and then see where im most likley to compete. Most of the time im more of a nickle and dimer and sell enchanting mats and gems, as they will always be in demand i know i will gain a return on them. So to put so much into items which does not have the same market is new ground for me.

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    Couple things. First, you probably shouldn't be downgrading you inks. I could be wrong, and the prices on your server might be wonky, but trading in for anything other than is likely a loss in opportunity cost right now. You should probably be making your old-world inks out of old-world herbs as the prices are likely cheaper than the cataclysm ones. They might not be, but I would be surprised.

    Second, if you are looking for quick turnaround, is probably your best bet. It also can be pretty fun. It's been a recent guilty pleasure of mine to bark my cards in trade every couples minutes and watch the "a buyer has been found" messages roll in. It's almost becoming a mini-game of sorts: see how many sales I can get per bark. I think my record is something like 10 sales in 12 seconds...someone should develop an addon for this and I'd have a better idea.

    If you are looking for help with the cards, Cold wrote a great post on barking tips here that you should definitely check out.
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    On the point of some pocket change coming in. Cards sell throughout the month, not just when the faire is in town as people like to buy the cards over time as they get enough gold, look for deals throughout the month or simply just want a completed deck ready to hand in as soon as the faire hits. So limiting your sales to when the faire is around can significantly reduce your turnover and profit from cards/trinkets.

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    Thanks for the tips. Ill read the post and try to put up some cards i have double or more of.

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    What Kathroman said! I love barking them seeing that sell notication pop up over and over again. Posting on the weekends is almost a guarentee for selling them. I had just put up 25 yesterday and barked and someone bought all of them in 30 seconds. Can't beat 375g in 30 seconds! I also offer them discounted to my usual buyers. If im selling them individually for 15g i'll offer stacks at 250g if they want them. Doing this = free s most of the time. Also if you have a cook you can make them into Fortune Cookies. They don't move as fast but they still sell and it's a way to diversify your BFI stock.
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    im still selling fortune cards stong and hard.. i'd go that route.. easy is just getting one of the many barking addons.. and just barking and occasionally posting more in stacks of 1, 3, 5, 10... how i do it is (# to Stacks)
    1x 40
    2x 15
    3x 15
    5x 15
    10x 10
    and do other things while the barks go on.. sure you miss on some undercutting.. but its afk work for you anyways.. since your addon barks and your doin other things.. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    I was controlling the MFC section of my server for a long time but many other scribes have caught on to the game - They now undercut + wall me with MFC but weren't doing any barking. So rather than bark for their profit I simply exited the MFC game and watched their cards crash, burn, and get returned to their mailbox.

    This did, however, leave me with the problem similar to the OP "What do I do with my blackfallow ink now?" I started making the Str/Agi/Int/Spirit/Prot/Stam scrolls, but that's about it.

    So in answer the the OP - There are very few ways to diversify your BF ink stock, and most of these ways are unprofitable / so barely profitable as to be not worth the time taken to craft.

    I suggest upgrading to Inferno Ink and trying your hand at the relics / offhands, I'm not making a killing on these but they aren't too bad, and they stop my bank from getting covered with ink.

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