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    Hey Guys! I just got back into playing WoW because of Cata. A bit late, but I've finally come to the party.

    I wanted to quickly share a little tip that has helped me a lot. When I quit WoW last time I gave away ALL of my gold. So I was left with 300-400g spread over 4 characters when I restarted. This is how I made my nest egg to start entering other markets.

    Netherweave Bags!

    4x Bolt of Netherweave
    1x Rune Thread

    Market Value = 24g (ish)

    Anytime I'm on my bank alt I buy out all the Netherweave under 50s. This effectively means that each bag costs 10g (Or the stack of Netherweave).

    Since a lot of people leveling don't buy the top end bags these actually move very quick. In a week I have sold roughly 300 bags.

    It's not the best GPH, but for those of you looking for a little market to start up your business it seems to be a constant money maker!

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    On the server I'm in the sells for about 5-7g a stack, while the themself 'only' 9-13g a piece, and definitely not more than 10-20 a day. So it's very much depending on the server how lucrative this is.

    On the other hand... s are moving at 360g while the is coming down in price. Making about 100g profit on each sale, much more interesting considering the effort. Yes, I'm shuffling the and I'm using the crafted price. But still, on AH prices the profit would still be above 80g a pop.

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    Alternatively, you can try crafting and DE them (or have a friend do it). Depending on your server, and s can make you handsome profits. Come to think of it, now my own tailor alt is 350, I should look into this myself
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    Good pointer! Being the lazy bugger I am, I could also recommend getting TSM and let that make the decision of the profitable stuff to craft and craft more of the stuff which actually sells.

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    Netherweave Bags are still fairly solid on my server, usually fetching 19/20g at weekends at a little less in the week. I tend to snatch up any cloth stacks up to 5g and then make bags on a friday when I am logging so that the bag production is essentially afk work and ready for the weekend sales. I either lose unsold stock in th week or hold it to the following weekend. So, not a big area for me, but solid, 50-60 sales each weekend giving around 750g per week profits for little real effort.

    I must have a look at the little shuffle above to see if that would make more from the cloth I buy.
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    This little earner is equally loved and hated by me.

    I love it because its just so simply and easy to do.

    I hate it because it just takes sooooo long to craft each bag that a lot of the time i can't be bothered to actually top up my stocks. With this in mind i usually try to craft a large amount at once while i go afk for a very long time.
    It's a bit silly but it's a bit of a pet hate of mine which bugs me a little as it seems so illogical and needlessly annoying.

    A lot of crafts have had their craft times tweaked over time to reduce their crafting time but for some reason one of the most commonly made items in game still has it's original 10 second craft time while higher level bags which representatively are 'harder' to produce as they take more 'skill' take much less time.

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    Nethwerweave Bags take 15 seconds per bag.

    I'll typically craft in blocks of 20-40, usually while I'm getting ready in the morning or taking the dog out.

    MySales says I've sold some ungodly number of these and I've only had the addon for about 6 weeks. Myself and two others have a constant presence in the market and they tend to really enjoy undercutting the crap out of me. I'll relist 2-3 times a day via remote AH, just to keep a presence.

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    NW Bags are volatile on my server. Some days you can sell for 29g, other day they sit at 8g. The profit is too low to justify the time spent for a max-level toon, and I feel that a L50 lowbie would be better served with inscription for making gold.

    That's my QQ for the day. Inside, I'm secretly frustrated that my L50 Mage is so much better at being a scribe than being a tailor - I thought bags would be a golden ticket. I'll have to check out the NW Pants, though - Enchanting mats move fast.
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    I like the netherweave pants tip! Going to go set up some spreadsheets to see if it's worth my capital on my server.

    I understand the GPH gripes. I don't list them as regularly as I used to. But as a quick turnaround it's a cheap way to double 300g.

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    upoil, just grab TSM and it will show you all the info instead of having to make a spreadsheet.



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