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    [Chart/Reference Table] Herb - > Pigment Mill Ratio (Pre-BC to Cata Herbs)

    As you all know herbs are split up into Tier 1, Tier 2 and in one case Tier 3 herbs - depending on how many pigments they give according to their ilvl.

    Herb to Pigment Mill Ratio's first started popping up when Inscription was implemented into the game, but they only dealt with WOTLK herbs. There are also a few charts for Cata herbs too. Today while creating a new spreadsheet for myself to help improve my Glyph Business, I simply could not find any Herb to Pigment Mill Ratio charts for pre-bc and tbc herbs, so thought I would make one.

    With the help of Cryan from TradeSkillMaster, I managed to extract the milling ratios from TSM's files.

    Edit: I just updated my spreadsheet to Include Inks Per Stack of Herbs. Basically:
    • 3 Pigments Per Mill = 6 Inks Per Stack
    • 2.5 Pigments Per Mill = 5 Inks Per Stack
    • 3.5 Pigments Per Mill = 7 Inks Per Stack

    As you can see this does not yet include the Uncommon Pigment Ratios, I will try add those in soon. In the mean time check out THIS thread for some experimental info on them. Aeg has been posting some nice raw milling data there.
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    Funny, I seem to have missed this thread. I've drawn my own tables for milling, and while the data isn't extroardinarily accurate (most of it is, unfortunately, wowhead-based - though to be honest the milling data there seems fair enough), it's still pretty close to what you have, and on the bright side, I did this for all plants and inks.

    Tell me what you think!

    Edit: it appears my img tag only works half the time. Here's a link in case the img tag isn't working.
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    Hi Belzebutinov, just looking at your CATA section, are the Uncommon numbers correct? Shouldnt they be 0.25 for the low end herbs (cinderbloom etc), and 0.5 for the high end ones (whiptail and twilights)? Or am i wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vae432 View Post
    Hi Belzebutinov, just looking at your CATA section, are the Uncommon numbers correct? Shouldnt they be 0.25 for the low end herbs (cinderbloom etc), and 0.5 for the high end ones (whiptail and twilights)? Or am i wrong.
    They are. Are you looking at the pigment section, perhaps?
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    Kathroman that table is really great, I would be very gratefull if you could make the spreadsheet available, through google docs or something. Sinshroud's table is also very nice, but I believe it's important to keep the green ink in mind. On my realm, for some reason, Ink of the Sky is expensive while shimmering ink can often be found very cheap.



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