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    Taking advantage of the gearing up trend

    While we are now about 2 months into Cata, there are still a large number of people gearing up their main toons and even more beginning to gear their alts. Because of this, the epic gear you can craft with Leatherworking is still a pretty profitable venture.

    (This whole idea could likely hold true for Tailoring and Blacksmithing as well.)

    Adding to the continued gearing up trend, 4.0.6 added sockets to most crafted BOEs (except for the gear with Agility on it... not sure the reasoning for that, but whatever).

    At least on my server, most crafted gear still sells for a good bit higher than the cost of mats. Chaos Orbs are hovering around 500-700g each (although I find enough people selling at 500g each).

    This is a big opportunity to cash in while the crafted gear still sells well. It won't last forever, and will likely begin to decrease in profitability pretty soon.

    I regularly gather up mats for the . It's probably the cheapest LWing BOE to craft and I've been able to sell them for 4600g+ every time. I've sold at least a dozen of them so far.

    I have a Leatherworker, so I use him to make and trade in for (Twilight Highlands leatherworking vendor... trade in 10 heavy savage leather for 1 hide). I buy up all the cheap and . This allows me to get Hides at much lower prices than what current market prices are. I also utilize my Alchemist to get from (but you could always buy Air off the AH too and still have a high profit margin on the belts).

    Once I have the mats, I then just advertise in trade chat that I'm looking for a LWer to make the belt and pst w/orb price. If someone whispers me and wants too much for their orbs, I keep looking for someone. There are plenty of people with orbs, so a little patience pays off.

    This process would work for the other crafted LWing items as well, but belts seem to be the better option. The chestpieces are not quite as popular, at least from my experience. Chestpieces have a higher selling price, but lower volume. Despite the lower price of belts, higher volume makes up for it and provides greater returns in the end.

    As an added note, don't forget about the leg enchants. The cata version sell fairly well and the Wrath ones still sell decently too. This is another area to take advantage of.
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    I've made 50-60k off the JC rings and necks so far. They are not huge sellers, but I make 1-2k each. I am not selling the necks right now (due to the V-day boss). It's been great for me since it's less competitive than gem cuts.



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