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    Pyrium Bar Transmute

    I didn't see anything about it on here so I thought I would point out that Pyrium Bars are now 1 Elementium Bar and 1 Volatile Earth = 3 Pyrium Bars now. Nice change!

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    Does this put you on the daily cooldown?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeg View Post
    Does this put you on the daily cooldown?
    Yup- shares CD with Truegold. And CDs now changed to "Reset at midnight", not the 24hr (20, 18hr) counter anymore. T_T

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    I'd love to see this moved to a 12h or so cooldown just to unlink it from Truegold. I don't mind having Living Elements linked to Truegold because you can play the values of the two against each other (although with the proc changes Truegold may win out more often), but having this one linked as well doesn't make sense, especially when Miners can make all the Pyrium Bars they could ever want, without a cooldown.



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