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    Very interesting post from El's Extreme Anglin'

    Some of the highlights:

    Seafood Magnifique Feast cooked with 2 of each fish (down from 4).
    Scalding Murglesnout – a non-buff food, cooked from 3 Murglesnout. Sold by Stormwind and Orgrimmar daily cooking quest vendors for 3 Chef’s Awards. Requires cooking skill 500.
    Recipes for Grilled Squid, Nightfin Soup, Poached Sunscale Salmon and Spotted Yellowtail now trained from cooking trainers.
    Feathered Lure recipe is sold again by Stormwind and Orgrimmar daily cooking quest vendors.

    This means the Seafood Feast will be much more viable. The two guild bank tabs of Murglesnout I bought at 1g or less per stack are looking good (would have been really good if it was a buff food). You can remove the four lower level cooking patterns from your Cataclysm'd snatch list (might still be able to make some money off dopes, however). Finally, will probably spike in value (although they are already selling for 10g each on my server).

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    I just went through the patch notes, however, and didn't see any of these changes listed there.

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    I can confirm everything but the Seafood Magnifique. My server has been up for a little over an hour and I just flew by the cooking trainer.

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    Calianna - Blizzard almost never document fishing changes in the patch notes.

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    El is right, these changes were not in the patch notes, which I just reviewed yesterday to make sure I rolled out all my changes for 4.0.6. I can also confirm that the four lowbie recipes are now on the trainer - I have that in one of my recent posts as well. I also found the new Murglesnout recipe, although I did not spot the lure going back on the vendor or the changes to the Feast. I'll have to add those to my 4.0.6.x list of changes...

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    There are always many undocumented patch notes and some of them can be very profitable.

    A quick list of some undocumented changes that I have noticed already (although not profitable)
    - Certain achievements now let you track your progress. Ones like the Valor Points/Conquest Points and Tol Barad 100 wins.
    - When you mouse over your game menu there is a latency for home and latency for world but no idea what they are for.
    - There is a new 50 exalted achievement which awards the exalted title (and anyone not at 50 loses the exalted title they had from before)
    - When a ready check is done in a group or raid the options are now Ready/Not Ready instead of Yes/No

    These are just a couple of the changes I know about so far and I am sure there are more, It is why I like being in a very large guild as I find out much faster and if I can find a profession change before the masses know about it I can make a lot of gold. I made 15k of Maelstrom Crystals because a guild member mentioned that it was no longer working (which reminds me I need to get him something as a gift).
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    I'm still trying to find data on the two nebulous changes: 1) LW above 500 was streamlined -- no one has a succinct list of what changed or how I can better level above 500 (admittedly I haven't check Kaliope's blog just yet).

    2) There were combat log changes but all Blizz said was "the combat log was either not reporting items or reporting them incorrectly. This has been fixed" [summarized]. While not a big deal, I'm immensely curious whether this means WoL or addons such as Skada and Recount will be able to do a better job of reporting actual DPS.



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