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    Engineering / Enchanting & Maelstrom Crystals

    Hello everyone.

    First i would like to introduce my self real quick, my name is Jonas, and i play on the Alliance side of Darkspear-EU.

    I noticed this while going through my professions, trying to figure out the next way to make a steady buck in this wonderful game.

    Since the removal of the possibility to disenchant the alchemy trinkets, the supply of Maelstrom crystals have been very sparse, and as a result the price of these crystals has risen.

    In a sort of desperate attempt to find anything i could make profit off from engineering i suddenly remembered

    Looking at the price of the mats, they were around 1500g on my server, and since my main has engineering / enchanting combined, i took a chance and crafted one. And i was correct! is disenchantable, and since maelstrom crystals sells for just under 3k on my server, im looking at 1,5k profit from each of these crafts.

    Bear in mind that it does take one Chaos orb per craft, but i still feel that this is an excellent way of making a profit from an otherwise underrated crafting profession.

    So that was my few words of advice, have a great weekend, and i hope we will have a lot of great gold making discussions in the future.


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    While this may result in a net profit for 1.5k for you, you still have to take the orb into consideration. What is the cost of the orb in the crafting process? Would I make a quicker profit this way then selling other chaos orb crafted items and what is the profit/orb rate on those items? As for the craft itself I would go with the green or blue gem crafts because those gems tend to be a lot cheaper then the inferno ruby. This way you make just that little extra bit of profit.
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    I considered this route to the maelstrom crystal from the helms myself, and whilst being a decent potential profit (my prices are similar to your server) it doesn't turn into a good gph rate when i factor in the time for the heroics and the orb collection rate from /roll with the other crafters in the group.

    Now, if you're running the heroics anyway for rep or other gear, then it is potentially a nice 'topping' for the runs, and as far as i know the helms are the only engineering use of the orbs.
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    I have taken these things into consideration, but as it is now (at least on my server) i will struggle to even break even after buying the mats for the other chaos orb crafts.
    Choosing the schematic with cheaper gems than the inferno ruby would seem like a good idea, but i believe the schematic you get for the epic head slot item depends on your armor specialization, at least i havent been able to buy other than the plate one, which requires inferno rubys.

    as far as i know the helms are the only engineering use of the orbs.
    You can also craft ranged weapons with chaos orbs

    i am not saying that this is a great GPH deal, but if you are like me and do your daily heroic and get chaos orbs regularly this way, you might as well get the extra profit
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