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    Inks from glyphs in tool tips?

    Hi guys

    Just a quick question

    Does anyone know of an addon that has a tooltip that lets you know what ink it is made from.

    I have a ton of glyphs that are steadily selling and it would be helpful to know which inks they came from when I am deciding to buy up cheaps glyphs from the AH.

    Doesn't anyone know if it is possible to TSM to include a crafting Mat cost into the too tip?

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    Scribe's Best Friend does exactly that, and more:
    Follow the Gold Road - Using Addons to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

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    I tried that add on and I could barely read most of the tips since the ink type was overlapping the border. Also this didn't tell me which ink the glyph used when adding/removing glyphs from APM groups.



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