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    Selling Blacksmithing Weapons

    I think it’s about my turn to try and be helpful on these forums. I browsed a few pages and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere.

    I have made quite a bit of gold throughout Cataclysm by selling the level 81 blue blacksmithing weapons. Naturally they don’t sell nearly as fast as they did a month ago, but I’m still going through quite a few weapons each week.

    The two weapons I sell are:

    Most people skill their blacksmithing on the other level 81 weapons so the prices are fairly low and as a result not worth crafting.

    Maybe it was just bad luck, but when I tried pricing them at 1k gold, there were almost no sales. At 850 gold however, I sell approximately 1 sword a day and 1 mace every other day.

    The required materials and costs are (cost taken from my server):

    10 (20 ) – 100g
    10 – 60g
    6 – 50g

    Total cost: 210g
    Profit, counting AH fee: ~550g

    4 (8 ) – 40g
    12 – 72g
    10 – 84g
    6 – 30g

    Total cost: 226g
    Profit, counting AH fee: ~530g

    As you can see these weapons give about 200% ROI with my numbers, making them a very nice addition to the weekly income, even if they don’t sell in the same quantity as .
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    Good info prancer and nice break down. Thanks for your pointing out about not selling them at 1k but them selling at 800g.

    I crafted a lifeforce hammer 2 weeks ago because it was one of the weapons healers ask me to craft for them a lot and I saw none on the AH. I tried priced at 2k but generated 0 sales. Those 13g listing fees hurt.

    Im gonna move it down a bit this weekend and see what happens.
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    I have flipped that hammer for above 1k a couple of times.

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    I just made a couple Obsidium Executioners and one sold for 700 (there were 4 listed on the market so I undercut) and with mat costs I still saw a nice profit!

    Thanks for the tip.


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    Nice post! I made a couple of these but sent them to alts rather than trying to sell.

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    Nice post and thank you for the tip. I am planning to get back into the BS BOE market with PVP gear and buckles, so the timing of your post is perfect.



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