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    Prospect Obsidium Ore with a lvl 65 toon? + calculation

    I need some help with a calculation and some information on Jewelcrafting.

    I have 4 +80 toons with maxed out professions, but never had a jewelcrafter (shame on me), so I’m a bit unsure on the information I have, and would like some confirmation if possible:

    I have picked up a lot of at 55G/stack

    I have a Jewelcrafter that hit lvl 65 last night, and I now plan to powerlevel the Jewelcrafting to 450.

    Can anyone confirm, that I can prospect with a lvl 65 / 450 JC?

    I want to make a calculation the price for making:

    To make : 2 x – I need:

    3 x
    3 x
    3 x
    3 x
    3 x
    3 x

    (Any rare gems that drop, are in this calculation set to 0g value)

    If I understand the Shuffle spreadsheet I can expect to get 9,6 of all of the 6 common gems in average.

    (40 prospects with a 24% average chance to drop 1 common gem per transmute = 40 x 0,24 x 1 = 9,6)

    From 9,6 of all the common gems – I can get 9,6 (gems) / 3 (gems) x 2 Shadowspirit Diamond = 6,4 Shadowspirit Diamond in average.

    If I have a buying price for the of 55G – 10 stacks will cost me 550G, and from that I can make 6,4 = 85,9G per .

    Im transmute master, so I’ll get 6,4 x 1,2 = 7,68 making the average price: 550 g / 7,68 = 71,6G

    Can anyone confirm that is possible to prospect with a lvl 65 toon.
    Can anyone confirm my calculation?

    (while writing this a farmer just posted 70 stacks of Obsidium ore on AH at 50G/stack. I really hope that i can prospcet the ores, since i now have 200 stacks in stock at an avg. of 53,25/stack)

    (Edit: I have edited the number of gems, as i was using an outdated version of the shuffeling spreadsheet)
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    I can confirm that this works. I have a 66 toon currently and this is the highest ore i'm able to prospect till 75

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    Where are all of these farmers posting ore at 50g a stack i keep reading about =/ I'm exstatic when i find it for 75g a stack! But yes i beleive it takes 425 or 450 to prospect Obsidium Ore which you can get at level 65.
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    Yes, you can prospect the ore but one thing to bear in mind is that you are unlikely to get an even distribution of the various gems. I was keeping a record for a while of what gems I was getting from prospecting 10 stacks at a time - at it's worst it was 10/15/15/8/10/7 or 10/13/14/11/9/5 but it did average out to around 29.7 uncommon gems per 10 stacks (and I've ignored the rare gems for now as well). So the more you prospect, the more even the spread of gems will be, allowing you to make all those lovely shadowspirit diamonds

    The good news too is that you can max JC at lvl 75 so if you don't feel like levelling all the way to 85, you really don't have too
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