View Poll Results: How much do people charge for Chaos Orbs on your server?

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  • 1000g or more

    2 13.33%
  • 500g > 1000g (more than 500g but less than 1000g)

    6 40.00%
  • 100g > 500g (more than 100g but less than 500g)

    7 46.67%
  • 100g or less

    0 0%
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    How much do people charge for Chaos Orbs on your server?

    When Cataclysm was released and people were getting some of the very first Chaos Orb crafts done, they were going for 2k an orb.

    The price then settled for around 1k and orb each but now seems to have sunk as low as 200-300g per orb on my server. How about yours? What are the prices at right NOW for your server's Chaos Orbs?
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    Interseting.. I charged 5k the first week or so and people were paying. Now I refuse to go below 1k telling them to look at the auction house for the markup on what they want crafted. It pretty much always seals the deal. I just can't keep chaos orbs in stock, and I am not running heroics just for them. Although I have been considering responding to trade as a tank and saying my fee is the chaos orb plus 200g for instant queues.
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    They are about 500-1000g on my server right now. There's decent competition in that market, since it's a high pop server. I see prices falling below 500g each very soon.

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    When I bought my epic Leather pieces, only one guy was actively advertising and offering his services. Orbs were going for 4k, but he cut me a "deal" at 3.3k. That was a few weeks ago.
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