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    Prospecting Timesink

    Does anyone else subcontract their prospecting? if so, what is reasonable to pay someone. I'm finding prospecting to be a huge timesink and I'd rather someone prospect the ore and get a decent amount and I can concentrate on shuffling the gems.

    I typically prospect between 250-500 stacks a week and I'm trying to find a better way. What do you mass prospectors do?



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    Hey there - I've been contracting my disenchanting out (more out of necessity, as I don't have an enchanter high enough) to a guildie for 50g / mail (every 12 items). It may seem high, but I still turn a nice profit when the enchanting mats sell.

    Prospecting is less work. I usually wear a full of ore and a , in addition to my backpack and 2 , and just prospect in between pulls while running heroics.

    I go through roughly 30~40 stacks of ore a day, if not more - haven't really counted.
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    I tend not to calculate prospecting time into the equation, but I make sure im only prospecting when I plan on watching Tv or a movie at the same time

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    I usually just put my wow on my second screen and bind my prospect macro to button 1, then I browse forums on my main monitor and just alt tab press 1, alt tab back, read, alt tab, press 1, alt tab back, read, etc.
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    I've installed WoW on a laptop. When i'm watching TV, I sit with the laptop to the side and keep hitting the macro button. Sometimes I listen to podcasts while I'm doing it on my PC.
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    I normally dedicate a whole afternoon (usually saturday/sunday) to "working". Prospecting, DEing, cutting, bolting, sewing, you name it.
    That lasts me through most of the week and then I can just worry about raiding.

    As for Prospecting, yes, I have a macro I just spam on 1 computer while reading the paper on the other.

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    I have a little worker bee who does most menial tasks like prospecting, milling and DEing for me. Basically he's a good friend who i let help me out in return for access to my gold stash, i don't pay him a set wage he just gets to buy whatever he wants.
    This started mainly because i liked to give him gold anyway to help him out and he always felt bad about taking it so started offering to help with business. He's happy to do all the boring work and i'm happy to help him out by giving gold for the stuff he wants.

    If your actually employing someone it can be economical but whether it will be for you will involve you doing the maths yourself.i.e. how much do you buy a stack of ore for and how much profit do you make from it. If you can work that out you can then see how much you can pay and still make a profit.

    Usually a bit of simple organisation can solve most issues like this, as people have already suggested. Set up a macro and when your doing something like watching a film simply spam the button. You'll be surprised how much you can get done like that without even noticing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinshroud View Post
    I usually just put my wow on my second screen and bind my prospect macro to button 1, then I browse forums on my main monitor and just alt tab press 1, alt tab back, read, alt tab, press 1, alt tab back, read, etc.
    You know, it is possible to setup a key bind (usually used by multi boxers) to send a keystroke to your wow window. Surf the web and ever 3 seconds hit the key! Don't automate this, or Warden will pick up on it. Keep it legit.

    I use a macro to prospect, and contract out my DE work. Prospecting is bag "friendly"' meaning you GAIN bag space while you prospect. DE'ing is not. So I think a better process is prospect your own gems, but contract out the DE.
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    Has anyone been able to make a macro to DE jasper et alycite ring/pendant without writing all the suffixes? Making tons of these and i have to DE manually.
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