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    Which profession next?

    So, as part of my larger strategy to start making more gold than I spend, I think I need to start leveling toons so I have access to more professions. Right now the only guy that gets any love is my main Danebread, the alchemist tailor (with maxed fishing, cooking, and archaeology). While I'm cool with my cooldowns, I want to diversify. The question is how?

    I already have a pretty good idea. My highest level alt is a 70 lock with 450 JC/Enchant. Getting him to 75 so that I can level his tradeskills opens up a lot of options. Ore is cheap on my server (65g/stack of elementium is common), while dusts and essences are 12g and 40g roughly. He also has a couple of the BoA enchants, notably Agility and Crusader. *note to self: why am I not using those right now?* After that alt, though, the plan is a lot more nebulous. I have a 51 shaman with mining/engineering, and a DK with herb/alchemy somewhere in Outlands content. The rest are too low to bother mentioning.

    So, I planned on leveling an alt or two anyways, because my guild needs more DPS (go figure, we have plenty of tanks and healers), and I'm trying to figure out how to maximize my gold-making potential. My concerns are that whatever is "hot" right now will not be quite as lucrative by the time I'm done leveling. Also, while I like the idea of log in, transmute Dreamcloth/Truegold/Volatile Air, log out, I need a bit more variety in my professions. Having access to several different markets seems to be a big deal, am I right?

    I've always been interested in having a Druid. I'm thinking that if I ever work on one, I should make it my gatherer with herb/mining, because of the ease of picking while shapeshifted. My concern there is that the ore market seems to be saturated right now, and typically gathering becomes even less lucrative the farther into progression we get, right? So maybe it would be in my best interests to level something with a crafting profession. What do you guys think should be at the top of my list?
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    Level more is the bottom line, profs and toons both. JC/Ench would be a good combo but you won't be able to get all enchants until level 84. Druids are quick and easy to level and great for gathering, but crafting is going to be better all told.

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    Jewel-crafting is perfect for alts. I have 2 jewelcrafters, thinking about a 3rd. You can do the dailys on them and sell the tokens, or just get access to a lot of patterns quickly. Also something to keep in mind, is that you need lvl 84 to get the best stuff for tailoring/enchanting/blacksmithing and leatherworking, but if you use JC or Alchemy you can pretty much do everything at level 75.
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    First off, you want a decent-level enchanter to DE any stuff you craft to level up other profs. The gold you can make that way is pretty impressive. My second suggestion would be to get two gathering profs on your druid; now you can track ores and herbs at the same time without any addon help, it's your best bet. That way, you also have access to the required mats for levelling other profs
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    As you already have a reasonably high level enchanter i would suggest getting that up to 84 at least so you have access to all the highest level patterns which should be a great money maker. I would then look at the JC alt because as already mentioned the JC/ench combo is very powerful for making gold. You get cheap mats from JC to feed your enchanting. Doing this would be a lot more profitable than simply DEing stuff and selling the raw mats as you would mainly only be able to do if you stick your ench at 75.
    After that profession priority's are all about the same. BS/LW/tailoring/engineering generally all work the same (a few small items with highish demand and some slow moving high profit crafts) and it's more a case of which you prefer or which is more healthy on your server, or of a little more concern which character you have it on and if you can be bothered to farm HC's on them for chaos orbs.

    Inscription is a good profession although not for everyone simply as it sucks up a lot more time than other profession, this would be best for a fresh new alt as you can start generating gold pretty much from the start but you won't see big bucks until you reach high level and done all your reasearch.

    Other than that extra alchemists and JC's are always a good things. Extra alchemists either mean you can different masteries or simply more of the same mastery (only worth it with transmute if going more of the same). With JC it's always easier to gain more patterns with multiple JC's as you can do 2 dailies and gain patterns twice (or however many times JC's you have) as fast.

    What you decide to level up is always more personal choice based partly on what you are interested in and based partly on what you think will be worthwhile on your server. Generally you can't go wrong with trying to obtain at least all crafting professions on at least one alt just to give yourself complete choice and flexibility to do whatever you prefer or whatever is most economical at the time.



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