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    Profs on "new" character: check my reasoning

    I'm really just looking for some confirmation that I'm not crazy.

    I leveled my Shaman with Herbalism and Skinning, with the intent to swap to Alch/LW once I hit 85. She hit 85 about a week ago. Despite herb prices, I simply don't have the time to farm, so I'll probably pick up Alch.

    Savage Leather is selling for a pretty penny right now, so I'm considering keeping skinning, with the idea that I kill/skin as I do dailies, then do a farm run for LW mats a bit down the road when I decide to powerlevel. I have a sneaking suspicion the Savage Leather, at least, is worth more right now than leveling LW. I haven't looked at high end LW guides yet (this would be my first LW), so I'm unsure if stuff like Pristine Hides is required to hit 525.

    So the question is, is my reasoning correct? I can get Alchemy over 500 easily (and likely to 525 thanks to my JC) with the herbs I've stockpiled; then sell the rest. I just wonder if skinning may actually be worth holding onto, even though I wouldn't be doing farming runs.

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    Skinning is one of those professions I get on every single new character I create. You kill several thousand beasts on the way to cap so why pass up on that free dough? If you convert to Leatherworking, you need to understand that the price of leather will remain consistent throughout the expansion. It's just like herbalism and mining where the materials will always sell at a consistent price. The rare skins will fluctuate in price so you just have to keep up with that market.

    I personally believe you should have as many alchemists as you can reasonably acquire. That is to say, if you have max professions on other alts, the remaining characters should be alchemists, preferably transmute spec. The reasoning here is quite simple - Truegold, Meta, and Elements daily transmutes.

    Flask making will become a sparse market, especially as most guilds hit their cauldron perk. Truegold will be the pivotal material needed in all blacksmithing and potentially engineering recipes moving forward as content is opened. Titansteel was Wrath's, Khorium/Hardened Khorium was TBC, Dark Iron was Vanilla's. They simply moved the special metal over to alchemy for this expansion making it an even more valuable profession. They could also easily come out with a new smelt once T12/13 raiding hits, demanding you to use Truegold - which is reasonable considering that this expansion is very similar to Burning Crusade in the design of the progression.

    If you already have a Leatherworker, then you're set. Here's the issue with the armor crafting professions - your profession is only as good as the current content. Using past expansions as a guide, if you don't raid you get no upgrades to the profession unless the recipe is BOE, and in the latter you will pay through the nose to have access to it. This was the case in Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath. Since Chaos Orbs are BOP (just like Nethers in TBC), I think they are going back to their roots. Eventually they will open these up to unbound like they did with Nethers - more than likely at the next tier of raiding because they promised they would provide a catch-up mechanism with each tier. This will open up a new reagent for crafting, and you will have to either raid to get the drops, raid to get the reps/reagents for turn-ins, or purchase them outright from other players. Given they are emphasizing guild cooperation now, this implies that you will more than likely have to raid to get anything because the recipes will be BOP.

    So my TL;DR explanation boils down to - if this is your main, go leatherworking. If it's an alt, you may be better off with skinning but only if you are an actual farmer.

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    I think leveling with any 2 of the 3 gathering profs is generally the best choice. Once you get leveled up, you start on the next steps.

    Step 1 - Get every profession covered. If you don't have time to farm, drop the farming profs and power level a prof you are missing.
    Step 2 - Start double covering profs where there is a benefit such as cooldowns or other limiting factor. Alchemy for the transmutes, tailoring for the cloth, jewelcrafting because of the dailies that prevent learning patterns more quickly. To my knowledge there is no benefit to having multiple engineers, blacksmiths, scribes, leatherworkers or enchanters.
    Step 3 - You already know what Step 3 is...

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    Thanks, that helps. This char will be my raider if/when I get to the point of raiding ("too little time" and all that, plus we have our second child showing up the end of this week or beginning of next week). That being said, I'm looking for a new profession/market to test out (currently have JC/Alch, JC/Tailor, Miner/Enchanter, erb/Scribe)

    As for Alchemy, I fully agree with you, to a point. It's going to take some time for most guilds to unlock cauldrons because, iirc, the cauldrons require X flasks/elixirs to be made first (I could be wrong here; I'll check tonight). So I see it as an opportunity for likely the next 6 months or so (at least until the next major patch). Some guilds will focus on unlocking cauldrons early, but those aren't who I plan to market to anyway. It also gives me a chance to help my guild out with some of their perks since I can't yet commit to raiding.

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    I liked Zero's explanation, but I wanted to chime in. If you're going to raid with this toon, and you're considering LW, you should get it now while crafted Epic BoEs are hot.

    Good thread, though - I like the thought process here, as I've been considering dropping mining on my main.
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    If you intend to level up leatherworking on your main (it's the best dps profession for a number of classes), then definitely go with skinning on a new character. I'm leveling LW on my DK right now and I'm stuck on rugged leather. At any given time, there are about 3 stacks of rugged on my AH, and they run 80-100g/stack. Right about now it would be really nice to have just leveled up a skinner...

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    @Mugs....I read your post earlier today and was tied to work until now, so this is my input.

    1) If your toon is a raider and if your raid group is a progressive raid, your "should" at least pick up JC and another crafting profession, maybe blacksmith for the extra sockets. I'm going with the theorycrafting min/max point of view here.

    2) Accounting planning. Like Cali had mentioned, its pointless to have multiple BS, scribes and LW. If your thinking duplicate professions, I would consider having a picking up mining, JC, tailoring and/or alchemy. These are for the cooldowns that are expansion specific which on the flip side is what profession is useful in that expansion. I don't remember who had 9 toons with alchemy, maybe it is Zero, but that's 9 Truegold transmute per day. The same can be said if your had multiple titansteel cooldowns per day if you had multiple mining in Warth. Down side is that your alt has to be high enough level to be pick up the next profession level.

    3) Your sales methods and inventory. If you have the opportunity to run dungeons frequenty and obtain the crafting orbs, then keeping existing crafting profession (i.e. LW) make sense. The flip side is that Chaos Orb) is not needed for leg enchants so its useful lifespan is until the next crafting orb is available.

    4) Time. That is your ultimate limiting factor, esp with newborn incoming. I'm going casual this expansion unlike the previous 6 years. No weekday nights raiding or even in my guild's progressive raid (shout out to my guild for being at the front of the line in 10s and moving to 25s tonight). Just login to do whatever I can and feel like for an hour then head to bed. I may not make as much WoW gold as the other WTs but meh, my wealth is seeing my kids do well in life and growing my IRL assets.
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