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    Cata Darkmoon Cards Version 2.0

    The last week Ė week and a half I have been pretty busy getting ready for Darkmoon Fair with the Darkmoon card decks.

    I primarily bought herbs and Volatile life on the AH, and only farmed around 5% of my total needs. At the prices on my server, I have made a total investment 200.000G in Darkmoon Cards.

    After making all the cards, I had a lot of cardtrading to do, but since I trade on both factions I only spend a day or 2 completing 11 decks, and had a lot of spare cards, which I started selling on AH.

    Itís my fist time as Darkmoon Card trader, so I hade no idea which decks would sell or not. I tried selling the decks before the Darkmoon Fair began, but that only gave 1 sale.

    Since yesterday I have sold A LOT. All the single card I made + 5 decks have made me 230.000 at this point (having 6 decks + 2 single cards left).

    / is very asked for, and supply is pretty low. I was of the belive that all cards had a 1:32 drop chance each, but Iím not sure this is the case.

    also sells well, but its pretty trick because it provides one of the two: where one is +strength and the other is +Agility.

    is also selling ok.

    / isnít selling at all on my server. The prices are sinking like a rock, and the price are not close to average production price of the Decks. I made 3 of these, and havenít sold a single one.

    All in all Darkmoon Card production has turned out to be as profitable as I hoped for. Itís a big chance to take to invest 200.000 in a new market, but with +30.000 in profit, and still decks to sell.

    The thing that surprises me the most is how much you can get for single cards. They cost me around 1500 to make, and have sold A LOT at 3-4.000G. If the supply it to high on one faction I move the card to another, or trade card for others.

    The Darkmoon Card sales btw made me cross the 500.000 gold milestone.

    My conslusion on my server:
    collect sigles and make more
    Standby (untill my stock is gone)
    (untill my stock is gone)

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    On my server, it's Hurricane 24/7. Earthquake is already selling for less than the material cost of the cards. Volcanic and Tsunami are profitable, but not by much. I'm wary of cardmaking on Tichondrius, because I don't want to get into the market if it's going to look like the WotLK card market did. Three of the four Northrend decks sold far under the material price, but Nobles sold for far more. So your profit margin was entirely at the whim of the RNG, and a bad streak of cards could put you several thousand gold in the hole with nothing to show for it.

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    I took a bit different approach to these. I didn't frontload the investment as much as you did. I started with about 5k in herbs and volatile life, made cards, sold said cards and used profits from those cards to buy more mats. It's worked quite well (I was pretty lucky getting a lot of wave and wind cards early) and I'll continue doing it for a while.

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    I made 6 decks in total:
    2 hurricane (sold for 59k and 54k)
    1 earthquake (sold for 20k)
    1 tsunami (sold for 46k)
    2 vulcano (sold for 33k and 39k).
    I also sold around 10 single cards of the tsunami and hurricane set for more than 5k each, sometimes for more than 7k.
    At the moment i am totally out of stock, prices for herbs have skyrocket and i have only around 15 single, not so desirable, cards left.
    And the best is that those cards didnīt require a lot of investition beforehand, because i sold around 4500 mysterious fortune cards and simply used the inferno ink from those milled herbs... all in all i made around 200k with inscription since cataclysm hit.

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    For what its worth, I wouldn't count out the dodge trinket yet. Sure, its below the price of raw mats, but its still above the value of the cards, and since you A) don't control what card you get when making the cards and B) cannot get back the raw materials once you make the card, while not ideal there is still money to be made.

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    is so unpopular for several reasons:

    - Tanks are less common than other roles. Good tanks are even rarer than good DPS/healers. Your average 25 raid guild has (including backups/offspecs) 4 tanks, 10 healers, and 30 DPS.
    - Both pally and warrior tanks would rather have mastery than dodge. Dodge rating has really bad diminishing returns for them. The on use effect is also kind of weak. This cuts your already small population nearly in half (it's "nearly" because there are still people that just don't know better).
    - Comparable trinkets are more attractive. I could list all the better trinkets, but there's no point. I would just be listing all the other epic tanking trinkets, and even some 346s.
    - It has little use in PvP, like most tank trinkets.
    - Tanks tend to be more active running dungeons/raids than other players. This means they are more likely to already have good trinkets. They also have less competition for their gear.

    All this means that you may sell 100 decks, but only 1 or 2 of these.
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    The price of herbs on my server rarely drops below 125g/stack, so getting cards is tough going for me.

    I made roughly 30 cards, and was closest to the Stones Deck (boo!), so I bought the cards to finish that deck out. Predictably, I haven't sold that deck yet, and am not close to finishing the others due to crazy-high-priced herbs (but not crazy-high-priced decks or ).

    I'm checking deck prices, also, on the AH and the Hurricane deck has dropped to 20k already? I'm not sure what's causing all of this. I'd like feedback on my decision to just make and sell the individual cards, as I'm still getting 4000-6000 per card even though the deck prices are low, and herb prices are sky-high.


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    125g/stack of low-level herbs seems pretty decent to me. I'm seeing 140-150 usually and 225-250 for high-level herbs. At 125g/stack of cinderbloom, 1 inferno ink/stack, you're looking at 1250g herb cost per card. Volatile life is about 10g on my server so that would put the cost at 1550g/card. If the average price per card (taking into account stones and embers as well) is better than that (and it sounds like it is), then I'd keep cranking out cards.

    This is the approach I've taken. Rather than investing a lot and making decks, I made a 5k investment up front and made a few cards, then used the profits to make more cards. The most I can possibly lose is that 5k and a little time. That seems unlikely, however as I have a hurricane card for sale and 12-15 other cards to boot in just a few days time. If I don't get what I want for the hurricane card, I might just have to use it...

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    In a certain podcast I was listening to, I was getting the impression that 125g/stack was at the very upper end (heard of some servers at >40g/stack). For now, I really can't see holding out for a deck, as the cost of the decks seems to be less than the sum of the cards. Thanks for the reply!

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    Quote Originally Posted by codymac View Post
    In a certain podcast I was listening to, I was getting the impression that 125g/stack was at the very upper end (heard of some servers at >40g/stack).
    That was probably Call to Auction. I've not seen prices anywhere close to 40g/stack.



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