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    Cataclysmic Cooking

    I was doing a little looking at what's come out so far about cooking in Cataclysm and a couple of things struck me. First was the tremendous amount of health and mana restored from food. Level 75 food restores almost 65k health and 45k mana. The higher level foods (level 80 required) restores 92k health and 72k mana. Also of note are the buffs, which consist of 60 of some stat and 60 stamina for lower level and 90/90 for the higher level. This is all very interesting and there is plenty to be said about how much hp/mana pools are increasing. However, this is a site about gold and that leads me to my second observation.

    I've noticed that none of the higher level patterns require an equivalent of . This is a little bit disappointing, because the spices sold incredibly well and for excellent prices at the start of WotLK. Even after I had maxed my cooking, I was able to sell the spices I got for at least 5g and often as high as 10g.

    At any rate, here's a link to some of the stuff that's on the beta.

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    Early in the expansion when I was still doing the cooking daily on a few toons, I used to sell off the northern spices too and made some pretty good gold. I kept a lot of them and would try to make buff food but perhaps was too late in the expansion because they seemed to come back to my mailbox far too often and I got frustrated trying to sell them.

    I've moved onto other markets since then so I guess I won't miss the spices element since the buff food never sold that well and the raw meat/fish seemed to be more profitable on my realm.

    But actually, I will really like having the higher mana and health levels in the new food because my moonkin, although having pretty good gear, runs out of mana far too often and it would nice to be able to refill it quicker like I can extremely quickly on my ret pally. I thought I could get around that with the black jelly until I realized that even though the mana and health were 2x as high as the other foods, it was a 60 second timeframe so it didn't help at all.

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    Just from looking at WoWhead, it looks like all recipes at 400+ currently require with the exception of . All of the worgen and goblins leveling up will need either Northern Spices or to get their cooking from 400 to 425. Looks like the Spices you couldn't get rid of will go up in value since I'm sure the people leveling cooking won't be patient enough to do enough Dalaran dailys to get enough spices themselves.

    Alternatively stocking up on Man O' War could be another route to go.
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    Interesting that Cooking will create a fishing lure. I don't imagine much of a market for it, but you never know.

    I think the food that buffs Mastery might be in demand - LavaScale Minestrone. Salted Eye will allow you to get mastery at level 75, might also be a market for that.



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