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    Archaeology for fun...but probably not profit

    From what I've been seeing, this will not be terribly profitable. The only thing that might be worthwhile are the scrolls that give you extra fragments. At any rate, here are a few bits of reading about archaeology. If people have others, please include them as I'd love to hear more about the new profession.

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    Same, the only other bonus other than fun seems to be gathering these, and also herb/mining nodes ect give experience so it'll be useful for levelling. I'd love it to be able to make gold however, it actually looks like it could make farming slightly interesting.
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    There's always profit. We just need to figure it out.

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    This is true. It's just a matter of figuring out what the ????? step is right before profit. Only then can you decide if ????? is worth the profit.

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    Right now I'd have to agree. The only way I've found to make money will be to sell the relics that help complete the projects. I can't see myself parting with those if I intend to do some serious arcaheology, which by definition I am doing if I have those special relics.

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    I imagine the majority of people are going to want to at least try to level Archaeology. I'm sure there will be a nice price for relics on the AH if you're one of the few who are not bothered by the mounts/pets/epics.

    If you're farming near a dig site - why not pop over and dig up a couple of relics and put them on the AH?

    Me - I want to level it so I'll be looking at the relic prices on the AH very closely.

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    I didn't think you could sell relics. I thought they were not something that ended up in your bag, but rather just a tally on your archaeology page.



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